7 Things A Web Designer Should Know

Being a web designer is actually a promising job. User experience is something that will always need to be developed. Regardless if you are new to the field or have been a web designer for some time, here is a list of seven things every web designer should know. Let’s start!

1. Get out there and create a high-quality portfolio
For any design job, especially when you are a freelancer, it is important to have a great portfolio. To start with, be ready to do some projects for free, or under budget if it gives you experience.

Having a great-quality portfolio, is a crucial step in winning any clients heart. Your portfolio creates the trust that gets people engaged and interested in what you have to offer. There are so many designers out there with a great portfolio and testimonials from previous clients. So like it or not, you must have a great one too.

2. Clients are hard to deal with
It doesn’t mean that all clients are difficult, but yes you will come across problem customers. You’ll get clients who don’t provide clear explanations about the projects. You will get breakdowns in communication. It all causes problems.

Be sure to get a proper explanation about every project you take on, the framework, the timescale. By having these clear expectations, you won’t overwork, consistently revising your work for free.

3. Have a clear service offer
The type of web designing service that you offer is something you need to state clearly. Be different, or offer ultra specific, so you become the go to person for a certain type of job.

4. Sign a contract before start a project
Not signing a proper contract can really cause you a headache. It is important to specify what you’ll deliver to the project and also the targets plus time frame. These things need to be included in every contract.

In terms of payment, make sure to set goalposts with new clients and get paid in stages for each part of your project. You don’t want to be one of those people banging your head against the wall because the client walked away without paying.

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5. Design for the user
Design for the user and not, entirely, for the client. But make sure to give a clear explanation about what you are doing or why you are proposing such a scheme as it is the client who will be paying you.

It’s important to keep the user in mind. For example, every website is used by a person. This user experience is crucial. Collect information from the clients to help you. Find out who are their customers, the demographic and other information that you need.

6. It is not your product
Do your job with your heart, but don’t build too much of an emotional connection. Once you have delivered the product and received the payment your job is done. If the client decides later on to change the colors, to change some icons, or anything else, it is not your business. It is their product and they can do anything with it.

7. Master one thing and improve
Being able to do a lot of things is great, but to be a master of one thing is amazing! Mastering one thing gives you a unique selling point. For example, if you are focusing on social media integration then be great at it, people will always remember your name every time opportunities about that topic appear.

You should be constantly learning and immersed in your niche. You should be on top of the latest trends and fashions. You can guarantee some of your competitors will be!

To Sum Up
There’s never been a better time to be a freelancer or a designer. The world is quite literally your oyster. Take advantage of the opportunities you have and the skills that you were given to develop yourself.

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  1. Robert Bruce Avatar

    Nice article Firsta. I see you are from Indonesia. I live on Bali where I do design work for the spa and healthy food business.

    1. Firsta Avatar

      Hi @homa1:disqus I am glad you enjoyed the article. Bali is a lovely place to live 🙂

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