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A New Era Begins: is now

It’s time to pull the curtain on our big surprise: has been transformed and upgraded into We’re thrilled about this change, and we’re confident you will be too.

Here’s why we made the switch, what’s new, and what this means for you.


While has served us well, we’ve identified two key areas that we could improve: potential brand confusion and development speed. Several companies were already called ZSuite, creating some confusion. Additionally, managing 10+ different websites and databases significantly slowed down our development efforts. With, we’ve solved these issues. Now, we can ship new products and updates faster and avoid any brand confusion.

What’s New?

Here’s what we’re excited to unveil:

  • Unified Dashboard: All our apps, now in one place! Seamlessly transition between each app without ever leaving the Dezygn website.
  • Dezygn Gallery: All your saves, from GPTzign to Stockzign, conveniently located in one place for easy access.
  • New & Updated Apps: Welcome Flatzign (our 2D illustration maker), the new design engine of Stockzign, and Facezign, which lets you create your own image model. Also, QRzign, our AI art QR code generator. Existing favorites, Humanzign and Isozign, are now integrated into, and Agencyzign boasts a new self-service dashboard inside Dezygn.
  • Integrated Support Desk: Access our support team directly from for more efficient ticket resolution.
  • New Pricing: We now offer both monthly and yearly pricing plans.
  • New Community: We’re launching a new community for Dezygn users. Join us and contribute to our shared success.

What it Means for Existing ZSuite Users:

For those of you who are already part of our ZSuite community, your transition to Dezygn will be seamless. All the products that were part of the ZSuite at the time of your purchase will be included in your Dezygn account free of charge. You can login with your existing email, and they’ll be waiting for you. If you find anything missing, you can request it from inside the dashboard, and we’ll add it to your account.

For those who owned an app like Humanzign or Agencyzign but did not own the ZSuite, these apps will be available in your Dezygn dashboard when you login with your registered email for these apps. If you want to upgrade to the full Dezygn experience, you can do so by purchasing a subscription.

If you bought or Stockzign on a lifetime plan, your access continues with the newest models. However, you’ll be limited to 30 generations per app per month. If you want to increase your quota, just let us know.

We’re excited to embark on this new journey with you. Check out the new and improved today!






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