Creating Infographics Like the Pros

Creating infographics has become a popular way to attract people’s attention and is considered one of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays. Nothing communicates a powerful message as quickly and as clearly as an effectively designed infographic. In this article, we will share valuable information on creating infographics that will grab people’s attention instantly.

Why are infographics beneficial to your business?

An infographic is a useful tool for presenting information so it is understood in a matter of seconds, after a single glance. Infographics are not only used to present ratios and share instructions, but to also turn otherwise uninteresting subjects into an appealing experience. They can help in simplifying a complex matter, turning it into a clear and amusing message for the masses.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that infographics can be beneficial to your business. They can combine words, colors, images and movements that are inevitably eye-catching. Infographics can be used to showcase a number of users, followers and satisfied customers, as well as product usefulness, market share and more.


  • Infographics are proved more effective than text

Based on recent statistics, people respond better to a powerful infographic than a written article, as it is easier to remember. With all the busy lifestyles and extensive working schedules nowadays, we are more keen on images than text.

  • Infographics are easy to share on social networking sites

When implemented with an embed code to make sharing your infographics simpler, they can (and will) be shared with thousands of online users on daily basis. Unlike infographics, ordinary text is not nearly as popular, as people don’t show interest in reading a several-page article on Twitter or Facebook. And people do not want to bore their friends, so they’re far less likely to share regular text.

  • Infographics can improve your SEO ranking

A powerful, aesthetically designed infographic can be highly attractive to the internet community. If done well, your infographic can drive many people to visit your website, and then many of these will in turn share it on their own blogs, which can increase your SEO ranking.

  • Infographics can help you develop your business and create a brand

If you create infographics that consist of consonant shapes and colors while communicating a powerful message, they will appear attractive and gain popularity. People will recognize their value and connect it with your business or brand. As the interest grows, you can present your latest products or services and increase sales and profits.

Create powerful infographics like a pro

Creating infographics is simple and easy, if you use the right tools – it is no longer a complex matter that requires extensive knowledge and a wide range of skills. The following tips will show you how to can create a powerful, eye-catching infographic (just like the pros).


1. Create a striking headline

When glancing over an infographic, one of the first things that gets people’s attention is the headline. If your headline is too long, confusing or boring, your infographic will not get many shares or clicks. In order to come up with an attractive headline, it is good to think of it as a blog article. However, your infographic headline should not only be catchy; it should be short, meaningful and related to the content, too.

2. Make it simple

The major benefit of infographics is the power to communicate complex points, issues or ideas through a simple visual format. However, if you overload your infographic with numerous needless facts and unnecessary information, it can have a negative effect. So, instead of pointlessly “stuffing” your infographic with words and numbers, try to keep things simple, yet meaningful.

3. Stay focused

In addition to the previous tip, it is always good to stay focused on a single topic when creating infographics. Remember that it’s not about creating a collage of colors, topics and figures. What you have is a rather powerful tool that should communicate a single and significant point.

Beside staying focused on one subject of interest, you should also consider the flow of information in your infographic. Ensure that your facts are well connected and carefully integrated in one main idea that can guide the audience from one element to another. Your infographic must have obvious flow, even when viewed from a certain distance.

4. Don’t forget to balance

Balancing between the written and visual content of your infographic is crucial. If you want people to perceive your infographic, it’s important to pay attention to the colors, forms and written facts equally. Properly chosen colors and images, combined with short sentences, is a good example of a winning strategy. In addition, if you want to create a stunning infographic, it is essential to consider the power of the white space.


All professional graphic designers are well aware of the white space effect. Some of them even insist on leaving a lot of white space on infographics and ads, so as to emphasize the importance of the message. A powerful infographic is all about keeping a balance between the visual features and the white space, so that viewers can spot the message after a single quick glance.

5. Double-check your information and figures

Infographics are mainly used to present facts using reliable information and accurate data. Using true statistics from reliable sources should be your priority when creating infographics like a pro. Also, if you use flowcharts, it is crucial that your graphic representation of data is properly designed and in accordance with the figures used. To ensure that all features match, don’t hesitate to double-check.

Youzign makes creating infographics fun and easy

A well designed infographic is a creative and powerful tool to attract people’s attention and get social media shares. If you wish to create a beautiful, eye-catching infographic and increase your SEO ranking, we, at Youzign, can help you communicate your message or point successfully. Youzign software makes the process of creating outstanding infographics amazingly simple, as it doesn’t require any previous knowledge or professional designer skills.

Youzign is a web-based platform, useful when creating all kinds of graphics. It offers many beautiful templates, as well as the opportunity to create custom-sized graphics according to your preferences. So, if you have a valuable message you want to communicate to your target audience, don’t hesitate to check it out now!  


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