Happy Birthday Youzign: 100,000 Designs Milestone!

Happy Birthday Youzign: 100,000 Designs Milestone!

Hey there Bertrand here from the Youzign team with some exciting news!

Today is a pretty exciting day for myself for two reasons:

it’s my birthday!

Youzign is one year old!

Regarding the latter, it’s been a freaking amazing year for Youzign. At this time last year we launched the beta with a handful of users via our private beta Facebook group (by the way massive thanks to our early beta testers)

Fast forward one year from now and here are some key stats about the year:

264, 891 souls have visited Youzign (not sure about that figure as we lost Analytics for a while : )

21,902 signed up to Youzign

74% of our surveyed users say they couldn’t live without Youzign (top tip: if you run a startup use this survey and pay special attention to the Sean Ellis test)

131,025 designs have been created by Youzigners since we launched!

– thanks to the Youzign launch we received a top vendor award (in my name, but its a team effort really, and I happily hand it to my launch partner the *legendary* Martin Crumlish too)

All in all some great news this summer!

We have also been pushing some cool updates over the past couple of months, like the ability to organize your dashboard into folders, the Youzign WordPress plugin, the Youzign API (now integrated with 4 different apps, a first in our niche I believe), and tons of small improvements to the platform (lots of bug fixing too, still got quite some way to go : )

But we are not done yet! Youzign is our baby and while some of our customers are still surprised of the continued updates, for us it’s only natural!

I had the idea for Youzign in late 2012, we started developing it since January 2014 and we won’t rest until it has fulfilled its mission: becoming the easiest way to create all kinds of marketing graphics online for internet marketers.

In this light, allow me to share with you some of the cool updates we have in line for the last quarter of the year 2015:

Drag and drop image upload

Not necessarily a planned update since this is already live on Youzign but still worth mentioning.. After clicking on Upload you can now drag an image from your desktop to Youzign (pretty cool).

Better backgrounds and textures

This is a big one on our list. One of the current shortcomings of Youzign that we admit is the lack of an easy way to add beautiful backgrounds, in a couple clicks. We are going to remedy this by revamping our background interface, and load it with curated high resolution images and patterns.

This should make your design flow a ton faster, and overal really improve the quality of the designs you produce on Youzign

New sidebar UI and premium stock photo image integrations

We are partnering up with one two of the largest stock photo sites to integrate premium photography and graphics right inside Youzign. You will be able to browse and purchase these images right inside Youzign.

Better font UI

We have been rethinking our font UI, and the new updates will make it easier to browse through the fonts, change the size and add some (much needed) features such as font borders and the likes.

Tags for better templates sorting by topic

This update is due later on today actually! We are going to add tags at the bottom left of the templates page to help you access templates by topic. So for instance we’ll have “meme” tags, “sales page graphics”, “buy buttons”, etc : ) We are VERY excited about this update.

Convert to JPG, Tinypng and PDF from dashboard

Like it says on the tin, we’ll add the ability to easily convert to JPG, PDF and compress your images from the dashboard; we are also looking at enabling 300DPI resolution for the end of the year.

Saved groups

Incredibly useful for saving group of objects (like a buy button for instance) and inserting it from one design to the other. This is already being tested on our development site, it is due for September too.

And lots more!

I wish I could outline our entire development agenda for the rest of the year but for strategic reasons we have to keep that somehow secret : )

This said one thing is now clear in our focus: Youzign is here to specifically serve internet marketers and we won’t stop until we get there! At this point, I estimate that about 40% of Youzign potential is achieved. To be where we want to be will take at least another year of development, but these are going to be very exciting times. We also have the chance of having built an incredible team which makes updating Youzign a lot more easier than before. Did I also mention that we might just have secured funding for Youzign?  (touching wood!)

Let me know in the comments your thoughts about Youzign being one year old, and some of the planned updates.

Make it an amazing day,

and the Youzign team

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