How To Channel The Mass Desire For AI In Your Agency

In one of my favourite books, Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz, the opening talks about how to him copywriting Is about “harnessing an immense natural force: the hopes and fears and desires of millions of people.”

He goes on to call this effect Mass Desire which he defines as “the public spread of a private want.”

This spread is inevitably pushed by nation-wide forces, one of which is the “Forces of Change: the beginning, the fulfilment and the reversal of a trend.”

“Here the writer is dealing with the straws in the wind that may indicate a hurricane

Here he needs sensitivity, foresight, intuition

He must be able to see and catch the rising tide when its almost imperceptible – sense which of the several appeals that are built into his product he should stress at any particular moment, and when to shift to another – and always, how to be there first.”

How to channel mass desire onto your services

Schwartz goes to explain that simply put, the role of a copywriter, or you as a business owner in that case, is to choose the most powerful desire that can possibly be applied to your product or service. 

If you haven’t read it (and if you can find it, it’s sometimes out of print), Breakthrough Advertising is incredibly timely in the times we are living in. It’s a perfect fit for how to navigate the AI disruption. 

So what is the current mass desire in the hearts of millions of small businesses worldwide that you must channel into your agency services? 

You guessed it: Artificial Intelligence. 

Why AI Is in the heart of businesses

There are two main reasons why everyone is in the heart of every small businesses out there. 

Businesses fear it

This is one of the biggest drivers of adoption to AI in my opinion. 

Large language models like ChatGPT have been available to the public for less than a year, and yet they have disrupted a nearly every single industries. 

To name a few: 

  • Writing
  • Customer support
  • Science
  • Design
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Data analysis 
  • Banking 
  • Administration

Entire industries are being wiped out by AI, right now. You probably seen a few yourself. 

And most businesses can sense it, that this wave, or let’s call it a tsunami, is coming to them. And so fear is a prevalent emotion when it comes to AI

Sam Altman (co-founder of OpenAI) recently said that “language is surprisingly at the heart of a lot of the things we do”. 

And in fact, since language is the basis of every interaction, even seemingly shielded industries like plumbing or hairdressers can still benefit from AI, by integrating it into their administrative tasks for instance or outreach efforts. 

Let’s dive into the other reason why AI is a Mass Desire right now.

Businesses love it 

The businesses who have adopted AI in their workflows love it. 

And the simple reason why, is because businesses love efficiency

So anything that either: 

  • Saves times 
  • Saves money
  • Increases productivity 

Is immensely valuable for a small business. 

Especially in these times of high taxes and inflation, businesses are looking for ways to save money and be more efficient in the long run. 

So as we just demonstrated, the Mass Desire for AI is here. So how do we channel it into our services? 

How to master AI for your agency 

The first step before we can actually channel this mass desire, is to understand what AI can do. 

You see right now, AI for small businesses is like if I gave you 100 lego bricks and told you to build me something. 

There are literally, millions of possibilities. You can build a house with legos, a car, a horse, a tree, etc. 

But if you have never built a car in lego, your output might be very average. In the context of a business transaction where you are selling professional AI services, most likely not good enough to get paid. 

So to me the first step is to at least before venturing out into the market learn how to build one car, one horse and one tree.

This way you have the confidence to know what you are offering before venturing onto the market. 

But we are not building legos here obviously, we are helping businesses with AI services. 

So instead of building a car, a horse and a tree, here are the three kinds of AI service skills you should be mastering: 

  1. AI Chatbots (DanteAI, Botpress)
  2. AI Automation (Zapier)
  3. AI Platforms (Glideapps) 

Thankfully, the recent acceleration in technology (driven by AI) means that now more than never, building such tools has never been easier. 

2 months ago, you had to be a genuine coding whiz to put together a chatbot. 

Now, you can do so in 5 minutes, and I am going to show you exactly how, right now. 

Skill #1: creating a chatbot

So first in case you are not aware of it, let’s define what an AI Chatbot is. 

An AI chatbot is a virtual chat agent which uses ChatGPT to answer questions about a knowledge-base. 

For instance, let’s say our client is a personal development coach called “Sarah Coaching” who often gets questions about her services.

In order to streamline her operations, we could create an AI chatbot for her that would answer these questions for her, giving her more time in the day to deal with other parts of her business. 

That’s essentially what a chatbot is and what is the main benefit for a client: saving a lot of time while providing an excellent service thanks to the power of ChatGPT. 

So let’s create our chatbot.

Step 1. Prepare your knowledge-base

The first step is to gather your knowledge-base data.

So in the case of Sarah Coaching, we would ask her to provide some of the most frequently asked questions she gets in emails. 

Then package is as PDF in a simple text editor.

Step 2. Upload your knowledgebase data to Dante AI

Next let’s sign up for a free account (no cc required to try it) on 

Then click on New knowledgebase and upload your knowledgebase.

You can also import it from a URL. 

Finally click on Create.

Your AI Chatbot is now trained to answer any questions about Sarah’s coaching based on the FAQ you just provided. 

This is how easy it is, no tech knowledge is needed. 

Step 3. Share with the business

Now that the AI is ready, you can share it and let the business stress test it before you install the widget on their site. 

DanteAI is a great entry point into chatbots because of its ease of use. 

Once you are comfortable with it and want to take your chatbot further, I highly recommend you look into Botpress which is a more advanced solution..

Wrapping up

Creating chatbots is the first skill you need to master when it comes to being able to tap into the Mass Desire for AI the world is experiencing. 

As you see from this example, it doesn’t take a lot, probably 5 to 10 minutes to assimilate this skill, but once you have it, next time a client mentions AI, you know what to offer. 

I highly recommend you try to create your own chatbot for yourself right now so that this skill become yours forever. 

At the time of writing this report, AI Chatbots are seen as highly desirable, and most people don’t know how easy it is to create them. 

So you can actually charge for this service, between $500-$1000 plus a $250-$500/month retainer for the upkeep.

This is a great way to build a relationship and deliver value to a business, at a minimal cost for you (about $10/month to host a chatbot on DanteAI or Botpress).

Since the cost of a chatbot is very low to you, you can also use a basic chatbot as a free offer and then upsell the business to your other services. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Don’t miss out on the current AI trend.

Start channeling the Mass Desire of AI into your agency by starting to offer your own chatbot development service. 






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