How to Make Your Twitter Profile Cover Stand Out

Whether you are an aspiring businessman, an artist or a simple thought sharer, you are probably trying to get as many followers as you can to read your tweets. Most likely, you’ve pondered what kind of tweeting (textual content) makes you stand out. But have you considered your graphical content and especially your cover photo? If you want to make things especially easy, consider utilizing a Twitter cover photo maker to create a cover photo that helps you stand out.

Twitter can be a wonderful medium to share news about yourself with the world. You can use it to type short messages, which also inspires the development of creativity and written brilliance.

However, people are visual creatures. According to research, pictures and other visuals take up to 90% of all information we receive and are processed much faster than text! Also, you probably know that people discern the credibility and quality of the speaker (tweeter) by the looks. Research confirms this, too.

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What makes a Twitter cover photo stand out

So, what makes a Twitter cover photo stand out from the rest and enhance your ability to convey your thoughts or agenda?


You already know that your cover photo needs to be impressive. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be maxed out on details, elements and whatever else you want to include. In fact, successful cover photos are more often minimalistic, clean and flat.

If you have an object to focus on, it should be the primary focus of your cover photo. If your profile is about advertising a certain product or service and connecting with fans and customers, make sure you focus on it by including its logo or a picture of it. You can also use abstract forms that are reminiscent of your design choices (i.e. in your products, on your website) or activities (i.e. if you are publishing a magazine, using stylized and random letters may do the trick).

Flat and material design

Flat and material – the new design trend accepted and utilized even by giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft. It is bereft of unnecessary elements and focused on the object of interest.

A good example of this trend would be clean lines with retro-style freshness and strong colors with some spatial awareness, tastefully done by utilizing shadows and the objects’ relative size to one another. The contrast between grayscale and colorful parts of the picture is also included.

Making a statement

A cover photo of a thing not even remotely related to you or your cause will get you nowhere. Regardless of how well it’s designed, it will not ring anything in people’s minds when they see it. Therefore, consider making a statement in your cover photo.

For example, if tastier burgers are your area of expertise, you can use the minimalist, flat and material design, and write: BURGERS of your life, Das BURGER, Burger-in-cheek, etc.

If your cause is to help old people not feel lonely, you could write something like: Older people cared for you. Now you help them back.

You can use Twitter to make a powerful statement

These are only a few examples. You can opt for a more minimalist approach and include pictures, icons and emoticons. In the example with the burger above, you can just put big, bold letters that say: Our burgers [picture or emoticon of a heart or something else that’s appropriate] you, or something similar.

Showing off what you do

Are you selling watches and jewelery? Then, include them in the cover photo. Do you have that one special car on sale that you think everyone should go crazy about? Let it be the focus of your cover photo. Call for a professional photographer and a graphic designer, and make it happen.

If you want others to be aware of what you are doing or selling, make sure you subtly place it in front of their eyes.

Including people (making it personal)

This probably works better for regular tweeters than businesses. For instance, if you have a blog about being a modern mom or dad, including a picture of you in your home will draw big attention and increase your credibility. Or, if you are a fitness guru, putting yourself in the ‘master’ pose can achieve the same effect.

People have an inborn mechanism that makes them automatically scan others and their bodily features. If you include people in your picture, it will result in more attention being paid to your cover photo and agenda.

Using hashtags

Do you have a hashtag that you’d like to promote? Why don’t you just put it in big, bold letters all across the cover photo? After tweeting with it, people will start looking at your profile and the hashtag will land immediately on their eyes, tickling their interest in the process.

You can use a professional Twitter cover photo maker to create powerful cover photos with hashtags included

It takes time, commitment and expertise to achieve the desired effect with your Twitter cover photo. You might not have the skills necessary in graphic design, professional photography, etc. If you think there is some kind of software that can help you create great Twitter cover photos – you are right!

Using Youzign’s Twitter cover photo maker to make your profile stand out

With our service, Youzign, you can become your own graphics master without having to go through years of schooling first. If you feel confident in your graphic design skills, Youzign is the tool you’ve been searching for.

Youzign has special edit and preview features that enable you to design photos specially for your Twitter account. The dimensions are automatically determined to perfectly fit your Twitter cover photo, but also fit numerous other digital and paper outlets, such as the Facebook cover photo, flyers and contact cards.

By the way, here is a bunch of sample Twitter covers you can create with Youzign

1. Eat All You Can24567

2. Dentist24678

3. Desserts Shop

4. Photographer

5. Summer Collection24777

6. Disability Awareness Week57607

7. Social Media Campaign66267

8. Home Security66587

9. Fashion Stylist84087

10. #DenimDay
Twitter  Denim DayDesigning a Twitter cover photo can be a daunting task or it can have a negative effect on your wallet in the regular way of doing things, but Youzign makes everything easier. There are thousands of backgrounds, icons, text styles and other elements that are heavily customizable and can fit your needs.

The great thing about our service is that you can keep the design trend consistent firm-wide, since you can easily transfer design decisions from one project to another without losing fidelity, details and properties.

Click here to get started and create a Twitter cover photo that does matter!






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