Managing A Launch Sequence With Youzign

Managing A Launch Sequence With Youzign

Our aim is to make Youzign your go-to app whenever you need to create professional marketing graphics pretty fast.

And recently we have started creating some amazing launch sequence graphics templates, that will help all vendors to manage their launch from pre-launch to the very final “thank you” messages post launch.

Like all other graphics templates in the Youzign app, these launch sequence templates are being perfectly crafted by our expert graphics designers, with the perfect color, font, text and even icon placement match decisions. The usual bits that would milk your time away all taken care of.

All you have to do is find a perfect launch sequence template, customize the text (and maybe any other factor you want altered) and you have a nice launch management graphics ready to deploy.

And here are some examples from live posts made by one of the vendors who have used Youzign to manage their launch sequence.




To find and use any of the launch sequence graphics, simply follow the steps:

  1. Log into your Youzign account
  2. From your dashboard, click on the Select Template button

select button


3. Enter “jv” as a search term in the search bar by top left and click on the search icon

search result

Now you have a list of all the current launch sequence graphics filtered in a search result. Scroll through to choose a preferred template, mouse over it to reveal the quick action links you can use to preview or use the template.

view or use

You can use your launch sequence graphics in any way they help bring more eyeballs to your launch, including to:

  • create sales funnel graphics
  • run jv recruitment Facebook ads, Adwords, etc
  • send prelaunch, launch and post launch messages to your jv partners
  • send daily launch updates to affiliates
  • send contest and leaderboard updates in style
  • affiliate call-to-action graphics for your newsfeed, group & fan page headers
  • announce launch figures, launch duration, changes, etc..,
  • announce feature additions, bug fixes and milestones to customers
  • And so much more…

Now go ahead and put this to test, and see how Youzign simplifies your jv/customer communications for your next launch.