Picture of several characters in 3d

New augmented reality templates!

Good news, we have just released the December batch of Arzign augmented reality templates!

These include new templates in the following niches: café, christmas and new year, restaurant, commerce, agency, retail outlet, doctor, hotel, office and yoga!

For this batch, we slightly improved the speech bubble design and also created some new artwork for the outfits of these characters.

Building 3d characters has been a rather new experience for us so we hope that by the next batch we can again up the quality of these augmented reality scenes!

How to get access

  1. Login to app.arzign.io
  2. Click on the Templates tab then click download

You can also follow this tutorial here.

These templates can easily be edited in Blender, there is also a tutorial for this here.

Stay tuned for our next batch of template update!

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