Youzign: Now With 300,000 Vectors

If you’ve been a long time Youzign user, you know we are adding new features all the time. Many of the new features you won’t ever notice. They are under the bonnet changes that speed up the software and improve your user experience. However, when we make a change to the front end of the software, that gives you extra functionality, we like to shout about it.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but this week a new button appeared on the Youzign dashboard. It’s a simple grey button that’s easy to overlook. The new button appears alongside Iconfinder (giving you access to 500,00+ icons) and Pixabay (400,000+ copyright free photos). This new button is going to give you the kind of design flexibility that you’ve been dreaming of…

Stock Unlimited Integration

You might remember us talking about visiting Hong Kong a few weeks ago for a technology conference. Now one of the great things about these conferences is the chance to network, have a sociable drink, meet new people and identify new opportunities.

Our integration with Stock Unlimited is the direct result of one of these chance encounters and they have an exciting vision. Stock Unlimited is looking to change the face of the vector industry by offering a one place stock shop for high quality vectors.


Stock Unlimited has over 250 designers working day and night creating new vectors for you. They are creating 50,000 vectors a month and by 2016 plan to have 1 million vectors in the library… and you can now access all of them.

How it Works

Our new integration with Stock Unlimited works in just the same way as every other integration that Youzign offers. Simply click on the Stock Unlimited button and search for whatever vectors.

You can use the Stock Unlimited vectors in all of your personal and commercial design projects. Simply search for the graphic you want and add it to your Youzign canvas. It’s as simple as that.

Stock Unlimited

Oh, I forgot the best bit… Stock Unlimited is a premium service. A personal subscription will cost you $19.99 a month of $7.49 a month for a whole year. Now we could have agreed on an integration that would have charged you for this service, but instead we managed to get you complete unrestricted access to Stock Unlimited for free.

Check It Out

Now you know how it works and what you can get access to we want to ask you a favor. Tag us in social media when you share any of your new designs with Stock Unlimited vectors in it. We’d love to see what you’re creating with this new integration. Head over to Youzign and check it out yourself.


4 responses to “Youzign: Now With 300,000 Vectors”

  1. Victor Avatar

    Hey! Thanks a million for that great deal.. You guys Rock!! Muchas gracias por esa enorme cantidad de vectores, ahora podemos crear casi cualquier imagen que se nos venga a la mente, encabezados, imagenes para Pinterest, post para Facebook, etc. Gracias

    1. Rose Bulandos Avatar
      Rose Bulandos

      Hi Victor,

      Bienvenido! muchas gracias por las amables palabras! 🙂

      Que tenga un buen dia,
      – Rose

  2. Andrew Neal Avatar

    Youzign is on the path to outdoing Canva!

    1. Rose Bulandos Avatar
      Rose Bulandos

      Hi Andrew,

      That’s pretty overwhelming, thank you! 😀


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