Youzign, One Year Later

Youzign, One Year Later

First of all, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to you for supporting Youzign, whether you joined on 18th September 2014 when we launched the Youzign beta or just a few days for the Youzign relaunch.

We are (finally) starting to make incredible progress as a company and maturing Youzign has a strong software product.

This is mainly thanks to the incredible Youzign team, which everyday keeps on working diligently to make your life easier.

The new Youzign color picker will include new a beautiful palette

Sneak-peek: the new Youzign color picker will include a beautiful color palette (design by Obed @youzign)

In fact, we keep on pushing and iterating with new updates each day. I can assure you that we are restless in making Youzign better.

For instance just today we actually revamped the shadow UI, for the 3rd time in 7 days. This even led to some discussion on our Facebook group on whether our decision was the correct one. And as usual, your feedback is more than appreciated and always helps us stirring the platform in the right direction.

Now the other good news I wanted to share with you is that the Youzign team is growing. In fact to accommodate for the growth of our userbase we are currently recruiting a webinar host/ess and also have already hired two new designers.

And it’s in this light you that I’d like you to meet the new “Art Whisperer” at Youzign,Obed..  Obed is a true artist, but rather than a long winded introduction just watch this timelapse video of Obed drawing with nothing but an iPad, using the fantastic ProCreate app (and an Apple Pencil)



So what does this mean for you? Well for one you will notice a drastic improvement of the design quality in Youzign. We are introducing Youzign Roots this month, a set of new backgrounds, color palettes and fonts that will let you create beautiful designs in a jiffy.

Secondly, Obed will be applying his magic to all our previews (such as the 3D ebook product covers, business card previews, etc.). To be honest right now our previews effects look OK, but not amazing. Now with our new capacity as a team will bring you nothing short but amazing graphics rooted in true art, and not just graphic manipulation.

Excited times ahead for this year, and it’s only February!


and the Youzign team.