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Our journey at Youzign stated more than 8 years ago, when we saw the need for simpler graphic design solutions for entrepreneurs.

In fact at the time, we were one of the rare companies to address this problem; and with the release of Youzign in 2014, we finally manage to cement our position in this space.

But while we saw some incredible growth at the beginning, the following years have been typical of a startup path, full of ups and downs, and this is mainly due to our struggle understanding how we could best serve our customers.

Fast forward to 2021, and we have spent the past 2 years redefining our purpose on this planet. And we came to the conclusion that we are here to help anyone turn a business idea into a brand, in minutes.

When we say “brand” we do not only refers to the visuals; we also refer to your message, customer persona, brand strategy, website, stationery and more. It’s a wholistic vision of a brand.

In this light, we decided to put more focus on the branding experience, notably with the release of our software, which we will put increasing resources on in the coming year.

And at this stage where we cemented our vision, a chance meeting with entrepreneur Mike Filsaime and his company allowed us to raise our first round of seed capital. In turn, has become a 15% shareholder in Youzign.

What this means? Over the next few months, we will be able to build the team which will build the technology we know our customers need. This involves a foray into AI, and a revamp of entire UX, focused on our new vision.

It also means that we will work closer with the Groove team to integrate our products, in order to help customers get their products and services out there.

And we are of course incredibly thankful for the Groove team to believe in our little company, and our dream to turn ideas into brands.

We are incredibly excited for the months ahead, and will keep you updated as more information arises,

Bertrand Diouly Osso
Founder – Youzign &






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