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Do you want to know our secret to creating a successful online business?
It’s simple.

Product creation.

But not crappy info products and ebooks.

I’m talking about marketing software that gets results. Stuff people will use to save them time and/or money.

Here’s why…
Graphics software sells like CRAZY....especially ours...
Unlike most “take-it-or-leave-it” products, people happily rip open their wallets and shell out $47, $97 or sometimes $497 for a tool that can help their business look its best. Whether that's getting more customers, making more sales or just making a task is the answer.

People happily pay to save time, and increase their bottom line.

With 50+ software tools sold, 10's of 1000’s of happy customers and loads more apps in development…

… we can safely say, developing and selling software is your first class ticket to a successful online business
But there's a problem, right?
Creating software isn’t easy.
And it doesn’t stop there.

Once your software is built, you need to find testers…

… then tweak the design…

… then fix code.

... then create a sales page.

.... then create a member site.

.... then create training videos and manuals.

I could go on and on. Profitable as it is, getting a killer app to market is not easy.
It can take months to build a powerful piece of software!
Oh, and did I mention the $5,000+ you’ll need to get the project off the ground? (and that's the lower end of he scale)

No wonder so many people give up, or never even try to create their own software.

The barrier entry is high....

But today that changes. We are removing these barriers for you.
You are about to get a massive shortcut
to a turn-key software business...
… without the headache of starting from scratch…
… and without spending thousands in development costs.

Over the past couple months we created what I believe is the
ultimate icon creator for internet marketers...

Today, I’m about to grant exclusive white label software rights to it. Which
means you can sell user accounts under your name to your own customers…
… without any of the building, testing or design hassles getting in your way!
How to communicate more effectively... with icons!
If you are selling any kind of products or services online and not using icons to convey key concepts visually, you may be missing out. 

In fact, using icons within website design can be an effective way to communicate with users. 

When a visitor first arrives at your website, they will scan the page and quickly decide whether to continue reading. Icons can grab the attention of visitors and draw them to read more and engage with your content.
  • Icons can communicate an idea in seconds and can transcend language barriers. For example, everyone now recognises an envelope symbol as an email facility, or an 'i' symbol as a link to further information.
  • They can physically break up a page of text making it more interesting and appealing to read.
  • Icons can help to add a creative touch to your website and this in turn can show the personality of your brand.
  • Icons are at the heart of all PCs since the first personal computer were created. 
30 years ago icons already made up the core of the user experience on Mac.
Create unlimited icons... the easy way!
Icon Creator makes it fun, fast and simple. 
  • Install to your desktop (mac/pc) - Download, launch, install and create icons whenever you need them
  • Play with the backgrounds styles  - Select from different shapes or add borders, shadows and bevels 
  • Choose from 676 curated icons - Whether you need an icon for support or Snapchat, you'll find what you need
  • Personalize your icons - Set your colors, add a bevel or shadow and customize the size of the icon
  • Download at the dimensions you need - 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 32x32 or 16x16 
  • And So Much More...
Let's face it. Everyone that owns a website
will at some point need powerful icons
  • Online marketers
  • Blog owners
  • Small business owners
  • Mainstream brands... including InfusionSoft, Dropbox and more!
  • And virtually anybody looking to sell anything online
Just a few of the icons we created with Icon Creator
And with Icon Creator, unleashing insanely powerful icons is incredibly easy…

… thanks to its WYSIWIG interface, even non-designers can take control of their marketing. Icon Creator makes the whole process simple, eye catching, glitch free and a pleasure to experience.

Which means more likes, shares, leads and sales from every icons you put out there!

Now, let me be clear…
... Icon Creator White Label is yet UNRELEASED to the public. 
All our past graphic apps have grossed a minimum of 5 figures (most in the 6 figures). 

This means that you get the chance to potentially launch a very lucrative business. 

... and that’s why I’m passing this rare opportunity over to you ...

... so you can sell the Icon Creator software as your own…
… so you can bring a new product to market and
keep 100% profit with every sale!
Forget affiliate commissions.
As a white label reseller, you’ll get 100% of every single sale… and because we capped the sales numbers at 100 you won’t have the usual heavy competition that most affiliates or PLR buyers have.
Here's Exactly What You Get
Your purchase comes with an entire package; built, tested and provided for you to make sure you bank on this Icon Creator app!
Powerful web + desktop software
Get instant access to Icon Creator with resell rights. Icon Creator is a desktop software for Mac and PC. With its simple handcrafted UI it makes creating icons incredibly simple.
High converting sales page
Included in your purchase is our own high-converting sales page which has been field tested and proven to convert over 10% of visitors into buyers.
Done for you members area
Let your customers register and access Icon Creator from your own members area. 
Powerful sales video
This powerful sales video will help you convey your message right away: you will also get the video source files so that you can add your own voice or modify it.
Done-for-you training material
Your customers will have access to this professionally made training material in the members area. 
Fully featured*
*The icons below were created with Icon Creator
 Compatible with Mac & PC
Download and start reselling, your customers can use it on both Mac and PC from anywhere in the world.
Highly customizable
Hundreds of built-in graphics means your customers designs will always be unique, and they will be so happy.
Training material
Training material and step-by-steps tutorial to get you started in minutes. We've done all the work for you.
WYSIWYG editor
Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes in real time. 100% #awesomesauce
Unreleased software
Be one of the first to be able to resell this software and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. 
Reliable support
We are here to support you and make sure you start making money with this white label app.
How much money can you make selling Icon Creator Whitelabel?
You can charge whatever you like, but as a guideline, I usually charge between $47 and $97 per license, for each of my software tools. 

Either way, please don’t undersell it. There are thousands of people that will pay good money to use Icon Creator to create powerful icons. With a little effort, you can easily set yourself up with a several thousand dollar per month income with this tool alone. How? Because…
The demand is everywhere
It’s not just people who hang out on marketing forums and email lists that need likes, fans, leads and sales. Think of the thousands of solo ads opportunities… direct mail campaigns… blog advertising… joint ventures with niche specific marketers… big brands, mom n’ pop stores, marketing agencies… there’s a whole world of people out there that need this.
So let’s talk about your investment…
Here’s the truth… 

To create a tool like Icon Creator software from scratch would cost you a lot of time and money. First, there’s the $1000+ for a designer to create the layouts, backgrounds and everything else you need. Then the search for a developer begins. You could hire an individual or a development firm, but be prepared to pay $5000+ for a tool at this level. 

Finally, you need to hire a tester for 20+ hours to make sure everything works. At $15 per hour, that is another $300. As you can see, the cost of developing software like this is going to run you around$6000 or more… That’s before the months of trial and error, learning software management skills, dealing with staff, recruiting, project management… 

It’s expensive and it’s hard work.
What would you pay to avoid all that hassle?
And more importantly… What would you pay to have a tool that thousands of people will happily pay you $47, $97 or even $197 for access to? A tool that only 99 other people are licensed to sell… 

So you’ll have a wide-open space to cash in like crazy as a reseller? What would you pay to kick-start a business that can easily put thousands in your pocket each month? Considering the $6000 + it would take to create this tool from scratch… The massive ROI potential… 

Would it be fair to charge you $1999 for this tool?
But I’m going to do something utterly crazy…
I’m going to grant you exclusive white label license for one single low price...
Whitelabel license
Icon Creator Web App
  • 675 icon library
  • Create 5 different icon dimensions
  • Installs on your server
  • Can be used with any PC online
  • Resell access and make money
  • Done-for-you members area
  • Marketing material included
  • High converting sales page
  • Powerful sales video
  • Done-for-you training material

Personal License
Icon Creator Desktop App
  • 675 icon library
  • Create 5 different icon dimensions
  • Download
  • Training
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