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Beginner’s Guide To Google+ Headers



Google+ is a feature included in the great Google Apps bundle. It is a social network that doesn’t grow because of your existing connections. In fact, it helps you make new ones. It has similarity with the famous social media sites Facebook and Twitter, but it is actually a combination of these two. Google+ is a network for your family and friends, and at the same time, a network for business and strangers. Basically, it is all-in-one.

Why join Google+?

You might think of this question since it shares the same social functionality with other social platforms. It would be best if you compare them, and think of where will you invest your time.


Social media sites allow you to have friends and followers while networking sites allow you build a network of trusted contacts. In Google+, you can have both in good management through circles, a feature that allows you to separate business from personal life.


Video chats and group chats are also given in other social platforms. In Google+, they are called Hangouts and Huddle respectively, these are unified communication services that allow members to virtually interact with each other through video, text, or voice chats.

Search value

Being active on a social platform is a way to introduce yourself, your business or your company. It helps in promotion and marketing, driving tons of traffic. Since Google+ has an all-in-one network functionality, it will help you in making your account more visible on the web.

Google+ Canvas Sizes

Google+ wisely uses responsive layout. The images you upload will adjust in size depending on the screen display and device you use. Listed below are the ideal image sizes that you need to follow in order to outweigh the tricky responsive layout.

Profile Picture

Like in any other social platforms, you also need to create a profile page in your Google+ account. The difference is that in here, your profile photo will be in a circle. But it is suggested that you upload an image in size of 250 x 250 pixels. The image on top shows how your profile photo will appear on your Google+ account.


Your Google+ header is just like a cover photo on Facebook. It is recommended that your header should be in a dimension of 2120 x 1192 pixels. It is advisable if you use .PNG format instead of .JPG because Google+ uses heavy compression of .JPG that reduces image quality. However, .PNG format (especially the PNG-24) is larger in file size. It may delay the image display when viewed.

Post Image

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 6.03.34 PM

Google+ is also for content posting and sharing. If you’re posting an image, it is best if you upload images in 800 x 600 pixels in dimension.


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