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Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a popular social networking platform intended for building a professional business community online. It works more than just any other social networks that only allows you to make friends, follow people, and share media contents.

LinkedIn allows you to go beyond just connecting with people. There, you can establish a network of connections through friends and contacts. Invitations are not limited because you can reach anyone even those who are not a web user.

How does LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn Profile

You need to register an account first before you can get started. This includes creating a profile page containing some of your basic information.

LinkedIn Contacts

After creating a profile page, LinkedIn will help you reach out to connections by providing few searching methods. You can find contacts through a colleague, classmate and name search, or by uploading your e-mail contacts. You can also use advanced search that allows you to reach members using various criteria like keywords, company, industry, etc.

LinkedIn Connections

You need to invite people to build your network of connections. What does ‘connection’ means? It is different from being ‘friends’ in other social media sites. In LinkedIn, your connection is a group of whom you know well and trust professionally as business contacts.

LinkedIn Photo Sizes

Profile Picture

Your profile page in LinkedIn is said to be your online resume. It contains information about you, including your photo in 500 x 500 pixels.It is a need to know your profile picture’s size to avoid making it too small or stretched.

Profile Background

It is placed at the top of your profile, giving it a professional look. Adding a profile background will make people know you more. You can use it as a hint of what is your industry or company.

LinkedIn offers standard designs available only for premium members, but free membership holders can upload their own.

It is recommended to be in dimensions of 2560 x 1280 pixels in .JPG, .PNG or in .GIF format, and at least 4MB in file size.

However, the profile background is responsive. It changes in size depending on the screen display and device you use. Aside from this, a large portion is covered by the contact information box of about 970 x 215 pixels in size.

Status / Post Image

There is also a status update in LinkedIn, as well as, content posting and sharing. It’s a way to distribute your ideas, connect with people of the same interest, and explore the community.

When posting an image in LinkedIn, it is ideal to upload in size of 1200 x 628 pixels in size.

Why Should You Join LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is far different from other social networking platforms. It is designed solely for business professionals. It has strict rules on your privacy and profile page. It doesn’t function like other social platform does.

LinkedIn has been one of the fastest growing networking sites on the web. It features a great deal about business, allowing people to practice online marketing or find jobs, employee, and employers. It is simply an online world of career opportunities.


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