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Beginner’s Guide To Post Image

What is a post image?

A post image is simply your featured graphic on a blog post. Blog post images are very useful when you want to give your viewers a quick idea of what your posts are about. It can instantly summarize an entire post visually or pique someone’s interest which is both helpful to grab more readers to your post.

Moreover, post images are your post representation on the home page of your blog. Take these post images from the Youzign blog as sample:


Although there are different sizes for post images, the dimensions we made available in Youzign are 1023 x 607 px.


How to create a post image in Youzign

  1. Login to your Youzign dashboard.
  2. Select New Design and choose Post Image from the pop-up formats menu.
  3. In the editor, you can choose to create your design with a blank canvas or by using one of our premade post templates.
    To access the templates from the editor, go to Graphics tab > Templates > Post Image

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