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Beginner’s Guide To Product Covers


What is a Product Cover?

A product cover works as the front page of a certain selling item, and is more than just that. It is designed to build brand recognition and to empower marketing features. It is used wisely to attract potential consumers to buy through various ways of communication.

Tips for designing an effective Product Cover

Consumers don’t spend much time to distinguish your product’s difference with others. That is why your product cover must have an impact.

How can you make a product cover design that will be distinctive enough to stand out in the market? Your product cover helps a lot in consumers decision making. You should make an effort to communicate with them in the best possible way.

Consider the customers

Your customers will give you a lot of design ideas for your product cover. Since you need to gain their attention, you must know what keeps them interested. You need to do a research and study method to know more about your customers.

Keep it simple and neat

You only have a chance of a few seconds to get an eye from buyers. Avoid fancy lettering or crowded layout. If your product cover is concise enough, it would be better.

Quality and functionality

Most of the customers are after these two when buying a product. It would be practical if you make the cover a part of the product’s functionality while not forgetting about the quality.

Know your competitors

There is always a competition in the market. You need to know your competitors well, learning their strength up to the weaknesses they possess. In this way, you will know what to improve about yours so you can have an advantage against them.

Be honest

You don’t need to exaggerate your advertisement just to lure your customers into buying your product. Giving them inaccurate details will soon drop your sales, making your brand a lie.

Dimension for Product Cover

An ideal size of a product cover depends on what the product is. However, when you use Youzign in creating one, the dimension is fixed to 412 x 547 pixels. Youzign will scale your image to fit it with the sample canvas of the product covers available. You can also view it in 3D.

Product cover previews available in Youzign


You can check how your product looks like in multiple product cover designs. These previews are:

Hard Cover
Hard Cover Ring
Ring Binder Cover
Magazine Cover
DVD Case Cover
Kindle 3D


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