You can retrieve and insert your Youzign designs inside Clickfunnels using the Youzign integration. Here is how to do it.
1. Login into your Clickfunnels account

2. Click on Account then Integrations in the top right

3. Click on Add New Integration


4. Add Youzign as an integration

Now Youzign is successfully integrated into Clickfunnels. You can find your Youzign images inside the Clickfunnels editor.

5. Edit a page inside your funnel

This will open the Clickfunnels editor.

6. Add an image element

Note: please refer to this tutorial if you are not sure how to add an image in Clickfunnels

7. Click on the image placeholder

8. In the right menu, click on the Plus icon

9. Select Youzign in the image library

10. All your designs will be available inside Clickfunnels


Please note: like with all our API integrations, any edits you make and save on will reflect in real-time on your Clickfunnels pages!

More resources:

– Clickfunnels also posted a tutorial here

Clickfunnels / Youzign integration webinar replay

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