You can retrieve and insert your Youzign designs inside eComPages using our integration. Here is how to do it.

1. Login into your eComPages account and click on the Settings tab by the left


2. Now click on the Integrations tab at the top



3. Enter your Youzign Public Key and Token

Get your Public API Key and Token from your Youzign profile page and add them to the spaces provided. Then click on the Submit button.

Well done, your Youzign designs can now be retrieved and used inside eComPages app.


4. Create your theme

Now go ahead and create your theme through the Create Theme tab by the left. Name the theme and continue to the editor.


5. Click on the Content tab at the top, and then drag and drop Youzign Image from the dropdown menu to any place you want it on the page


6. On the popup page select the Youzign design you want

Click on the Browse image button to retrieve your designs, then select the design you wanted and click on the Save button to add the selected design in your page. You can select and add as many designs as you want. When you are done, click on the Close button to close that popup.

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