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Everything You Need To Know About Etsy Covers

What is Etsy

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Etsy is a worldwide commerce platform. It is a haven for creative entrepreneurs who are looking for a platform to showcase their services and sell products, building markets, and business opportunities even at the comfort of their homes. It’s also a great store for buyers looking for unique and beautiful items ranging from clothing and accessories, home decors, print designs and a whole lot more!

How to create an Etsy account

Joining the Etsy marketplace is hoora easy and free!
Simply click on the Register tab and fill up the form or sign up with your Facebook or Google+ account.


What’s cool about e-commerce sites like Etsy is that even without a physical store, you can immediately set up a business and sell your products and/or service to a vast community of buyers. Turn your interest into a profitable network or extend your offline store to reach more customers even from afar!
Click here to start setting up your Etsy Store.

What is an Etsy Cover?

Your Etsy cover will serve as your store banner. I hate to say this cliche, but your account graphics can make or break your store reputation. So it’s an important thing to make sure that you use graphics that is of high quality, reflects your brand and will add to your saleability.

The cover photo makes use of the entire width of your shop and is displayed on mobile devices and in the Etsy app. The minimum image size is 1200 x 300 pixels; the ideal size is 3360 pixels x 840 pixels.

What is an Etsy Shop Icon?

The Etsy Shop Icon will represent your store across the Etsy platform – it’s your logo. The ideal dimension is 500 x 500 px and should be clear and legible even when scaled down in shopper’s homepage feed and mobile.

Etsy Cover and Shop Icon Ideas

It’s always a challenge for anyone, to create designs that will immediately give you a professional look as well as catch people’s attention. So at Youzign, our creative designers have created tons of templates including Etsy Covers and Etsy Shop Icons to help you kickstart your design. These unique templates can be easily customized to match your niche and style!

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.26.17 AM
Beautiful Etsy cover templates created with Youzign.


Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.07.49 PM
With just a few clicks and simple drag and drop, you can already customize these Etsy Shop Icon templates to match your brand.

How to create your custom Etsy graphic in Youzign

Click here to see our quick guide.

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