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How to create a Youtube Outro graphic

Youtube outro graphics are a great way to get way to get viewers to check out your related videos. If you are not familiar with outro graphics, here is one in action.

But did you know that you can easily create these kind of graphics on Youzign?

Let me show you exactly how.

1. Go to the Templates page

2. Search for Outro using the templates search box and select a template

3. Customize your template to match your brand

4. Using your preferred video editor upload your outro graphic and insert a video inside the outro graphics frames.

5. Finalize your editing and publish your video to Youtube

6. Go to your Youtube Creator Studio, and click on Edit next to your video and select Annotations

7.  Add a spotlight annotation covering your video thumbnails and link to the relevant Youtube video

8. That’s it, your Youtube outro graphic is ready! Make sure to add it to all your future videos to encourage your viewers to explore more of your videos!

Please note the default Youtube outro graphic image size in Youzign is 1280×720 which is fit for HD videos. For lower resolution videos you may have to reduce the size of your Youtube outro graphic.

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