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How to Crop the Canvas

If you’re working under the Custom size tab or the New from image, another smart cropping tool will be available at your ease. It’s called the Click and Drag Cropping Tool.

This smart cropping tool enables you to directly resize the canvas without the need to input custom dimensions manually.

To use this feature, simply follow these easy steps:

1. Login to your Youzign dashboard and select New Design.
2. Choose canvas from Custom Size or New From Image
3. Click on the click and drag cropping tool button on the top middle portion of your work area:
4. Now, click and drag the corners/ sides of the tool to fit your desired dimensions. You will notice that the canvas size is automatically altered as you drag the tool along the image.
5. When you’re done selecting the new dimensions for your canvas, don’t forget to tick the check button ‘✔’. Or if you wish to reset your selection, just tick ‘✖’

That’s it. Hope this helps! 🙂

(Note: Again, this tool is only available under the custom size and new from image formats.)

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