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How to upgrade your Youzign account (JVzoo)

If you are a Youzign customer and you wish to upgrade your account (it’s totally optional depending on your needs), here are the steps.

Attention: Make sure you are logged with your username on http://youzign.com before upgrading. This will ensure the automatic upgrade is applied.

1. Select your upgrade inside your Youzign account

Depending on your purchase history, you may have more or less options in the upgrade drop-down.

2. Review the upgrade offer in details

You will be taken to the upgrade page where you will see more details and a video about the upgrade.

3. Review your order on the checkout page


4. Make your payment on Paypal

Proceed to making your payment as usual on Paypal. Once the payment is successful you will be redirected to JVzoo customer portal from where you can apply the upgrade to your account (see next step below)


Note: after making your purchase, you will receive this email from noreply@jvzoo.com

Congratulations on your purchase.

For support contact: support@youzign.com or http://support.youzign.com

Your Login Email: (this is your JVZOO login email)
JVZoo password: (this is your JVZOO login password)

Use the above information to access your
purchase at: http://customer.jvzoo.com/

Purchase Details:
Product: # Youzign 2.0
Price: $xx
Payment Id: AP-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This email contains your JVZOO login details (not your Youzign logins). You should keep it as it contains your transaction ID. It also includes a link to the JVZoo customer portal from where you can retrieve your purchases anytime


5. Return to JVzoo customer portal to access your purchase

After making your payment on Paypal, you will be redirected to JVZoo customer portal (https://customer.jvzoo.com/portal)

From here click on VIEW DETAILS next to the name of the upgrade you purchased.

6. Apply the upgrade to your Youzign account

Finally on the receipt page click on ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE at the bottom. This will take you back to youzign.com and automatically upgrade your account.


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