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How to use the Color Picker

The color picker includes 4 pre-done sets on top of the Custom color picker namely: Classic, Light, Theme, and Recent colors. Here is a quick description of the new color picker sets.

1. Classic – These are the often – used colors, not too light and not too saturated.

2. Light – These are colors with the same hue as that of classic but much lighter.

3. Theme – These are good color combinations by four. Note that these palettes are arranged from left to right.

4. Custom – This allows you to select/ enter colors using hex codes or simply slide and pick the shade you want.

5. Recent – These are the recent colors you used from all the selections. This is very helpful when you’re working on your brand graphics where you want to achieve uniformity in terms of colors used.

To use this tool and change the color of an element:
1. Select the element in your design which you want to apply changes to
2. Click on the Color picker tool from the Control panel on the right side of the editor.
3. Choose from the pre-done color sets to match your brand.


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