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Image Resolution – How to set it in Youzign

What is Image Resolution

Hi everyone! Image Resolution is simply ‘the amount of detail we have in our image’. The more the resolution the more pixels our image will have. The more the pixels the shaper the image will look. On the example below we are comparing similar images(both in 1×1 inches) in resolutions 72dpi and 300dpi.

If we zoom in about 50% we will notice that the image in 72dpi gets pixelated first. While the the 300dpi image still looks fine. That makes images in 300 dpi (or higher) best in printing. The 72 dpi images are for web or device screen usage only.

How do we set that on Youzign? 

DPI setting is useful for those who will design images that are to be printed or to those who just want an image with good quality – for example on logos.

We can set it on Youzign through the DPI dropdown next to the Formats Dropdown:

1. 72 DPI – for device/screen images like Facebook covers, banners, online coupons, etc.

2. 150 DPI – this is the minimum DPI setting for prints, logos, shirts

3. 300 DPI – high quality DPI setting for prints, logos, shirts


How to convert inches to pixels?

You may have an image for print, but you only know its size in inches. You need to convert those sizes to pixels so you would know what sizes to use in Youzign. You will need to multiply the measurement of your image (preferably in inches) to the DPI you chose(72, 150 or 300 depending on your need).

Here’s an example, for instance you will be working on an A4 size print. A4 has the size 8.267(width) and 11.693(height) in inches.

1. Since the best resolution for prints is 300 ppi (pixels per inch), multiply the sizes to 300. That’s 8.267 x 300 = 2480.1 and 11.693 x 300 = 3508.9.

2. Remove the decimal numbers(0.1 and 0.9). Thus, you’re image in pixels should be 2480 x 3508 pixels.

You may also use conversion tools from the internet like: Auction Repair Pixel Calculator



• Image Resolution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_resolution

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