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Beginner’s Guide for Pinterest Image Sizes

What is Pinterest

For starters, Pinterest is a social networking site that lets you discover, bookmark and save creative and interesting ideas for almost all types of purpose! From wedding ideas, your next podcast tip, Monday morning motivations, etc.
You can register an account here for free and set it up in just a matter of seconds!

Whether you intend to use your Pinterest account for personal or for marketing online, it is important to properly setup your account graphics.

Pinterest Profile Image Size


Although your Pinterest profile image only shows up at 165 x 165 pixels when uploaded to your account, Pinterest recommends using a square photo with dimensions 600 x 600 pixels. The image will be automatically resized during upload.

Pin or Expanded Pin Size

Pinterest pin template created with Youzign. Dimensions: 735 x 1102 pixels

Pins in your account feed are measured 238 pixels in width with height adjusted depending on the image. After clicking on your pinned image, it will expand in dimensions of 735 pixels, height will also expand depending on the image. It can go up to 1102 pixels.

Pinterest Board

Pinterest Board organizes your collections of pinned images. It measures 238 x 284 pixels and consists of your cover image, your latest pins, and the follow button.

The recommended dimension of your cover image is 217 x 147 pixels, with small thumbnails below in 51 x 51 pixels in size. Note that any important images and/or texts must be placed inside this dimension.

Pinterest is one of the unique social networking sites for both personal and marketing purposes. And as a personalized media platform, it is an advantage to set your account graphics properly as it would definitely attract followers.

Remember to be strategic in creating pins, so try to diversify them to drive tons of traffic.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.21.33 PM

You can check out our premade templates here for pinterest pins and board cover to help you create beautiful Pinterest graphics with up-to-date dimensions.


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