You can retrieve and insert your Youzign designs inside VideoRemix using our integration. Here is how to do it.

1. Login into your VideoRemix account, choose a template and click on the Remix icon that appears when you hover your mouse on it, or just start a new project.


2. Now copy and paste your video link in the space provided

You can also click anywhere on the page to close the “new media request” and go straight to step 3

3. Click on +ELEMENTS from the top right menu


4. Now click on Image from the set of options displayed


5. Click on the Youzign button


6. On the popup, enter your Youzign API Key and Token

After entering your authentication details above, click on the Verify button. This will connect your Youzign account to the app and automatically fetch your designs.


7. Click on any of the designs you want and it will be loaded into your VideoRemix project/edit area


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