You can now retrieve and use your Youzign graphics in Vinci3D, here is how:

1. Download and install your Vinci3D app on your computer. Activate it and launch it.


2. Click on the Youzign link by top right


3. Enter your Youzign API Public Key and Token


4. Your Youzign designs will be loaded inside the app. Click on the forward arrow to fetch more designs, and on the backward arrow to go back to the previous page until you find a design you want.


5. Click on any design you want and choose “Use” on the dialogue box to load chosen design in your project area.


6. You can choose and add as many images as possible. When you are done, close the window.


7. Congrats. The designs you chose are now in your project. You can go ahead and play with them as you wish.

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