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Youzign 2: FAQs For Existing Customers

Hi Youzigners,

We understand that you might have some questions regarding Youzign 2 which came out on February 8th. And to help you with that, let me break down some of the frequently asked questions about this relaunch.

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for from these FAQ, feel free to comment on below and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can (usually within 24 hrs or less).

What exactly is Youzign 2?

Youzign 2 is our first year anniversary and the start of our second year as a graphic software. Since Since our first launch happend exactly the same month last year – February 2015. Over the course of our first year we have made some amazing improvements and we hope you’ll be joining us on to help us celebrate this anniversary and milestone for our small company.

Youzign 2 also represents an evolution in terms of technology and services with Youzign.

While we pushed a ton of new features already to Youzign (one update per day on average), the two new services, the new Agency and Kickstart really represent a major extension to what Youzign can do for you.

In fact when we started out a year ago, you just had access to the Youzign software for yourself, and you had to handle all the designs on your own. With Agency and Kickstart, you can now collaborate on designs with your team (requires a purchase of additional licenses) and get us to do your designs for you.

Generally, this launch is part of our agenda for 2016 to better serve you and make Youzign your one-stop design solution. We have more exciting news coming up for the middle of the year, but in the meantime here is what’s new in this version.

In a nutshell, here are some the new cool features we have been adding for Youzign 2. Note that, some of these are already LIVE in Youzign (like the desktop version) while others will be pushed for February 8th.

desktop version (mac, windows, linux), android and iOS apps
– new API integrations (Smartmember, Clickfunnels in progress)
– dashboard folders: organize all your designs from the dashboard
push a design to any user
set any image as a background
download any graphics to desktop 
– over 30 different graphics categories and formats
– new one click design previews: coupons, gift certificates,, tee spring, software box, etc
– Agency and Kickstart, two new services
– Tee spring templates and preview
– weekly training webinars: free live webinar training for all youzign customers
– text and image borders, shadows, canvas border and more

If you want to learn more about all the new features, I recommend you check out the Youzign 2 launch webinar replay here. Or alternatively login to Youzign and play around, you will notice the new updates

Q. I am an existing customer prior to the relaunch, should I pay more to get the new features?

A. Absolutely not. If you are an existing customer (Beta user, Basic,Templates Upgrade, Yearly, Lifetime, ) there is no need for you to make additional payments to get the latest features. As usual we will automatically push them to your accounts as soon as they are ready. We pushed 304 software updates in 2015 for free to our existing customers, the new updates in 2016 won’t be any different. To clarify, our Club product is a new monthly subscription that you would need to sign up for, that provides 100 templates per month from our team.

Now since we are introducing collaboration features with the Agency to Youzign, if you need to purchase additional Youzign licenses for your staff/employees/VAs or your clients who use Youzign you will be able to do so at a discount.

We are also introducing the Kickstart package where you’ll be able to order custom designs from the Youzign team of designers. There will necessarily be a fee for this service if you choose to take advantage of it.

Q. I am under the Basic license and I need more templates, any advice?

A. Sure! Our templates upgrade becomes a recurring fee for all our new customers from February 8th, so if you haven”t upgraded yet this is your last chance to do so for a one-time price. After February 8th the only option would be to subscribe to benefit from our monthly templates offer. As mentioned above this won’t affect existing customers.

Q. I am under the Upgrade/Lifetime license, am I affected in any way with the new version?

A. Yeap, but only for the good. 🙂 When we say lifetime, we mean it. As usual, you’ll get the new features added for free to your account.


♡ ❤ ♡ I love Youzign, how can I help spread the word about Youzign 2? ♡ ❤ ♡

We are a small company with big dreams, so your help is always more than appreciated.

If you believe Youzign can help more people out there, please share http://getyouzign.com with your friends, talk about Youzign around you and feel free to apply to become a JV partner (let us know your youzign username when applying). THANK YOU in advance!

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