Why a Business Card Maker is the Way to Go

Do you really need a business card maker when new connections are a click away? While exchanging contact information via social media or email can be convenient, it is also extremely impersonal. Real relationships begin with eye contact and a handshake, and are cemented with a physical business card. Having your actual physical card in their wallet or drawer automatically raises your perceived value as a contact.

Why business cards still matter

Even if you haven’t experienced the following scenario, I’m sure you can imagine it. You are at a networking event, having a great conversation with a prospect. It’s time to exchange your contact details, but your phone battery is dead. The only solution is to ask for a pen and a napkin, and write down your interlocutor’s email and phone number. Doesn’t sound very professional, does it?

Although people are shifting increasingly to digital communication, real professionals still exchange business cards. These small pieces of paper, plastic, or whichever material you prefer, can send a crucial message to the people around you.

Business cards show that you take your business seriously. If you took the time and effort to make cards with your contact information, you are likely to put much more effort in your business relations. Business cards also show that you are always prepared for the opportunities that random encounters with different people bring.


Apart from your name and contact details, the business card should contain your position and skills, too – even if the people that have your business card don’t need your services at the moment, they may know someone who does. This is how you can use your business cards for referrals.  

Your business card can significantly improve the first impression about you and your business. The more memorable your business card is, the better the image it communicates about you. Even though high quality creative business cards may cost more, they are definitely worth the investment.

Good business cards can be great icebreakers and very effective direct marketing tools. If you create a little piece of art out of your business card, people will naturally want to learn more about you and your business. Moreover, they will be happy to show it to other people, too. This way, you can indirectly reach to prospects that you may never reach otherwise.  

DIY vs professional business card production

The only thing worse than not having a business card is having a low-quality business card. If you hand out a business card that is produced on low quality paper or card based on a bad design, it will hurt your image. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to your business card production. The big question here is – should you make use of your creativity and make your own business cards or leave the matter to professionals?

DIY business card production is a good opportunity for small businesses to produce cards at low costs. It is also suitable for freelancers and people who want to have their contact details printed. DIY business cards give you the opportunity to express your creativity. However, there is a risk that comes with these types of cards since it’s very hard to match the quality of paper, design and print that professionals offer.  

If you print your business cards on a small personal printer, it may easily smudge the ink and ruin your project. Even if you use a large printer, you need to make efforts to have smooth edges along each side of your business card. Otherwise, the card will appear fine, but it won’t feel that fine when you hold it between your fingers.


Another major aspect of business cards is the card design. You may have creative people in your team, or be creative yourself, but there are some design practices that you need to know. Otherwise, your business cards may not end up looking as professional as you need them to be. If you don’t pay attention to the design of your business cards, they may look bad even if you print them using the best printer there is.

If you have a big budget, you can leave your business card design and production to professionals and avoid the aforementioned risks. Professionals will help you come up with an attractive business card design and make sure everything is in place. However, you need to be prepared to spend a lot more money if you want professional designers to take care of your business cards. Alternatively if you’re more budget conscious, consider doing your own design.

Why a business card maker is the way to go

Having amateurish looking business cards or dedicating a significant part of your budget for their production is not much of a choice, is it? This is exactly why we’ve developed our business card maker. It brings the best out of these two options. You can put your creativity and imagination into the business card making process, without the high costs.

Using a business card maker like Youzign, you can easily make cards which are professional, attractive, and memorable. You can choose from various business card templates and preview your design to see what your project would look like when printed. You can also choose a design that matches up with your Social Media graphics like your Facebook cover photo , Twitter cover or Youtube Channel art to achieve uniformity across all your marketing channels whether online or offline. This makes your brand more recognizable and professional-looking.
With the business card maker, you don’t need any designer skills to make your cards stand out.

These are some of the business card templates available at Youzign. With just a few clicks, you can create your own professional – looking business card.

You only need to be acquainted with a few principles that will help you quickly make business cards like a pro.  

  • Make sure that the colors of the business card match the colors of your brand. Promote your entire brand identity on the business card, but don’t overdo it.
  • Your logo must be big enough for people to see and recognize it, but not too large to take up a lot of space on the card.
  • Use a font with letters that are easy to read, and make sure it’s not too small when you print the cards.
  • Don’t be afraid to use white space. Simple cards are more memorable and always look more elegant than the ones that are cluttered with text and graphics.
  • Put your name, website, email and a phone number where people can reach you. Don’t put your personal cell number if you’re not comfortable having people calling for work. Put your company’s physical address, too. Use the opportunity to point out your major skills on the business card. You can also include links to your social media business pages if it’s appropriate.
  • Although the back of the business card is usually blank, you can put your company’s mission or tagline there.
  • Remember that your business card must stand out from the hundreds of other cards that people receive every day.

So that’s pretty much details to cover in this article. Now it’s time to share your thoughts on the comments below. Do you still prefer using business cards to promote your business offline? If so, how do you handle the design and it’s overall production? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Feel free to checkout Youzign – the ultimate tool to create business cards and almost any graphics for your personal and business endeavors. 🙂


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