(free) Fonts, Photos and Vectors for Graphic Designers

Starting out as an online graphics designer can be expensive. You need good graphics design software, stock photos, the right font and great graphics. All of these resources take time to collect and cost money to purchase.

Here are YMB Properties we want to help simplify you’re life. We’ve collected together our favourite free graphics, font and photography resources in one place. So bookmark this page for the future (this post is an Internet goldmine for graphics designers) and let’s get started.

Graphics Resources

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha is a premium graphics site. However, it offers a large collection of free graphics. You can find icons, vectors, templates and high quality fonts to use in your projects. In addition to these free resources, you can also find graphics packs on special offer, which means premium goods for a rock bottom price.



Dribbble is a portfolio for talented designers and a great source for design inspiration. It’s also a great place to find high vector illustrations, textures, patterns and fonts. It’s easy to access the free graphics through the website, just look for ‘freebies’ in the search box.



Pixeden is a premium graphics website. It offers a $6 a month subscription, which will give you access to 12-16 graphics packs a month. In addition to the premium graphics packs, Pixeden offers four free graphics packs every month. The graphics packs include things like icons, vectors, logos and a whole lot more. There is also a large section of free graphics that you can access on the site.

design instruct


CreativeBloq is a one-stop resource for creative and fresh thinking people.They provide a huge and up-to-date daily creative tips and inspiration about web design, graphic design, 3D, tutorials and so much more. And by the way, they are giving away free folder design templates here. These are awesome vector templates in AI and PSD formats.


Design Instruct

Design Instruct is a design blog for graphics designers. The blog is full of helpful articles that both instruct and inspire. The freebies section of the website offers a mixture of fonts, icons, vectors, Photoshop actions, textures and stock images. It’s a big selection of free goods that’s well worth browsing through.

bitt box

Bitt Box

While most graphics websites have the same standard offers, Bitt Box gives you something a bit different. In the Freebie Gallery you can find a huge collection of brushes and textures (like scratched backgrounds, wooden textures and paint blotches) to use in Photoshop.

Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market offers a weekly collection of graphics. You can find vectors for infographics, Photoshop packs, fonts and textures for free. Make sure to check back weekly to see what new offers you can pick up on the site.

Typography Resources



Ever wanted to create your own font? It couldn’t be simpler. With Typecast you can create your own working designs on the site and then export your personalized font in HTML and CSS. Oh, you can also get immediate access to over 3,650 web fonts by creating a free account on the site. Pretty good right?



Fontshop is an easy to search font library. You can search for either premium and free fonts or just search through the free font collection. The site is very easy to navigate making it simple to find the font you need for your project.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel has hundreds of different typefaces that you can access for free. The fonts on offer are suitable for any project. They range from calligraphic lettering through to corporate fonts. You can use these fonts for your commercial work or your own personal projects.

type wolf

Type Wolf

Type Wolf is a site that was created as a place for the best typography resources on the website. The website has a catalogue so you can see what the appearance of each font looks like when used online. In addition to the large collection of free fonts, you’ll also find plenty of top 10 articles. Read them if you are looking for some inspiration. It’s a good way to come across some little known fonts.

free typography

Free Typography

The name of this website really tells you exactly what to expect. On Free Typography you can find a lot of different and unique typeface on this website. Should you choose to you can also submit your own fonts to the site. It’s worth checking out.

Photography Resources



Subscribe to the Unsplash mailing list to get 10 free photos every 10 days direct into your inbox. The free photos are all high resolution and can cover just about any topic. The photos can range from seascapes, landscapes, travel photos, through to photos of architecture. It’s a great site for images that look different from your standard copy.

tech and all

Tech And All

Tech and All offers a lot of different free resources. To start with you can find stock photos on pretty much anything. But that’s not all! Other free things you can access on the site include psd mockups, fonts and templates. Just for the range of resources on offer it’s worth a visit.

death to stock photos

Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo delivers a pack of high quality photos every month direct to your inbox. Just sign up to the email list to get access. The photos you receive are always unique and interesting. Moreover, you can use the photos for any of your commercial projects and edit them to your hearts content.



Get access to a free stock photo every day with Magdeleine. The photos are broken down into eight categories. You can search through the database by color or hashtag. Do keep in mind that there are two types of photo license used on the site. While all photos can be used for commercial purposes some photos do require attribution.

Good Free Photos

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.56.42 PM

Goodfreephotos is an amazing, large free stock photo site with thousands of public domain photos including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many other free photos. It currently offers 5742 photos and counting.


This article is a compilation of resources that I use on an almost daily basis to find free graphics, fonts and photos. I hope there are a few websites that you have never visited before, but I’m sure there are a few websites I missed. If you have any you’d like me to add to this list (and you’d like to share with the world), tell me about them in the comments below.

P.S We created Youzign to make designing great graphics simple. You can import your fonts and photos from any of these sites directly into the software from your desktop.


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