The New Youzign UI is Live!

Hi Youzigners! 💕

We’re so glad to let you know that the new user interface for Youzign is here!
Feel free to read below or watch the quick video tour here.


So with the new dashboard, you get:

More space for your designs

We focused on showcasing your saved designs upfront by providing more space and cutting down the distraction on your dashboard area. Scrolling and loading of previous designs down to the bottom of the page is also improved. The reason is to help you search for your designs even without using filter or search buttons.

Toggle the light mode

In this new build, you can now switch between dark or light mode using the tear icon (screenshot) from the top right tools menu. The Dark Mode provides relaxation from a bright screen’s visual overstimulation or a more stable production environment especially, during nighttime.

Toggle Folders

You also have the option to show or hide your folders in this new dashboard.

Icons instead of large buttons

In line with a more spacious dashboard, we converted the large buttons to functional icons. This includes the “My Design“, “Templates“, and “Team” buttons on the left side of the dashboard with addition of the “Filter” icon at the bottom. At the top left, you will see the icons “New Design“, “Select template“, “Toggle Folders“, “Bulk Clone“, “Bulk Delete“, “Bulk Move to Folder“, and “Bulk Save as Template.”

Smarter Filter

We’ve also made the Filter feature more responsive in this new version.
So depending on the page you’re browsing, the Filter will show all relevant criteria that will help you narrow down your search. Say for an instance, you’re currently browsing on the Templates’ page, the Filter will show options for the template types, the template order, and template categories.
On the other hand, if you are on the Team page, it will show a list of your team names, the shared template types, and the order of the templates shared by your team.

The “Accounts” page, “Help/ Knowledgebase” section, “Webinar”, “Community”, “Roadmap” links, and lastly the Logout button can still be found at it’s classic spot on the dropdown menu when you click your “Profile” picture at the top right corner of the dashboard. You can find the language option beside it as well.


But wait, “How about the Youzign editor?” you may ask…

Of course, this upgrade wouldn’t be complete if there is no new look for the Youzign editor as well!

New Youzign Editor

What you get in the new Youzign editor:

Wider canvas area

Compared with the previous UI, this new editor gives more space for the canvas area. Aside from the Full Screen option, you can see that the editor is made neater and more simple as well when the Graphics Assets at the left was converted to functional icons.
This includes the main graphics folders (from top to bottom) namely Backgrounds, Text, Images, Filters, and the Uploads.

When you select these main folders, you will see the tool labels show as you hover around each icon. This helps you save time searching for the tools you need.

Movable Smart Dock/ toolbar

We receive a lot of user requests about the Smart Dock getting in the way when editing. The solution? we made the Smart Dock movable for you!  🙂 It’s the same responsive toolbar that changes the menu depending on the element that you select on your canvas like image, vector, or text. The tool labels show when you hover your mouse on each icon.

Toggle the light mode

Same as in the dashboard area, you can also switch from light or dark mode in the Youzign editor. So no matter what time of the day you prefer to create your designs, no problemo amigo! 

Other tools…

The rest of the tools like the Save and Download buttons can be found on the top-right menu beside your Profile image. The Grid and Show Canvas options are relocated from the top menu to the bottom-right corner of the editor.

And while we push these new updates to the new Youzign UI, we also continue to develop the rest of the main functions such as grouping, previews, crop, zoom and more. If you’re a youzigner and haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, please do so here to see the latest dev updates.

So there goes our quick tour of the new Youzign dashboard and editor! We hope that you like it and that it will help you and your team stay organized with your designs so you can focus more with creating designs that you love! We also wanted to thank you for bearing with us in this bumpy journey in making Youzign the best graphic software in the world!

Thanks again, and remember #YouCanMakeIt! 
The Youzign Team 💕

P.S. We are updating our knowledge base at to reflect these changes. If you have a question regarding this new UI, please feel free to reach out to us at Cheers!






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