27 Design Disasters That’ll Make You Laugh

These days, everyone seems to be able to craft out decent graphic designs in a snap. But that doesn’t mean there will be no rooms for screwing up.

In this listicle, we’ve put together 27 of the funniest design disasters that will remind you to always seek out a second opinion before you publish your designs anywhere.

These cringe-worthy snaps will surely make you laugh out loud. Have fun! : )

1. B is for their hometown and the bone goal!


2. This is what happens when cursive ‘o’s missed its curly thing on top.


3. Thanks for the advice!


4. One mistake and it’s catastrophic, really.

5. That’s very kind of them to sacrifice themselves for me.


6. I don’t know where to start with this store’s sign.


7. Chewable keratin is a sure treat!


8. I love fruits! Not just this one.

9. Not sure if it’s a new app about renting ice ships or a new career.

10.  Because farts can be income-generating too.


11. This acronym will give you brain aneurysm.

12. Nah! stay at school kids.


13. A salon, modeling club and a translation service center. All in one.


14. Baby cyborgs = borgs.


15. Folks, this is one reason why contrast is important.


16. See how a bad design can bring a dead back to life.

17. Looks like this couple will be hanged on their wedding day. Not sure if this is an invitation or a death threat.


18. Guess they only had two members?


19. This is why context is absolutely important.


20. Great minds 3 1 minutes day.


21. Jack of all, master of all fonts.


22. I guess I’ll buy my shoes somewhere else.


23. I’m not gonna support ‘Family Tragedy’, no matter how organized.


24. A smoher is a smoher! repeat!


25. Button for 3rd birthday…for use by ages 4+


26. From a school paper. Wouldn’t be complete without our friend Comic Sans, now in black and white!


27. I hate it when my bed is on the wall!


We hope you’ve had a good laugh at this list. : )

And while these gone wrong designs are hilarious to look at, bad designs, in general, have a negative effect towards any business or individual.

It’s then important to:

  • Seek alternative viewpoints before you release your “masterpiece”.
  • Stick to the basic graphic design rules, because you might be misusing your creativity.
  • If you’re working for a client, make sure you adhere to their principles.

And lastly, if you aren’t satisfied with your own designs, it’s always worth to seek help with a professional that will make sure your designs will reflect the message you want to convey. After all, a bad design could even cost you more than just plain hiring a someone to do the job.

At Youzign, we have a service called Kickstart which lets you hire our entire band of designers to create whatever you want, on demand designs, right inside your Youzign account. We can even create designs that you then sell to a client!

So, what lessons did you learn from the graphic design fails on this list? Let us know your thoughts below!






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  1. Robert Crawford Avatar
    Robert Crawford

    Thanks for the laugh, needed it.

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