5 Tips for Your Creative Logo Design Process

Being instantly recognisable is a key to the success of any business. Of course all branding starts with a great logo and I’ve got some tips to get you started.

Actually. Let’s step back a bit, because I’m talking about logo design I’d recommend you also check out the balance of font, shape and color in logo design. You can find the article here.

Now let’s move onto those five tips I promised you.

1. Use Different Media

design logo with hands

The first thing a lot of designers do when they want to get the creative juices flowing is open up the computer. It’s natural. There are powerful design tools like Youzign that’s you create beautiful graphics in no time at all.

Yet the old ways are good as well. Writing and designing on paper can help your concentration. A piece of paper won’t connect to the Internet or distract you with Facebook notifications or Twitter mentions.

2. Get Inspired

As designers we find inspiration in different places. It can come from anywhere. As you take a walk, sit in front of your commuter or in the middle of the night. There are of course some shortcuts that can kick-start your imagination.

One great shortcut is to see what works in other medium. If you want to see what color schemes work together, Google the color schemes of interior designers. If you want to see how we use shape in design, check out what the best architects are creating.

3. Use Grids

Grids are a great way to help you finalize your designs. With grids are a great way of ensuring that your design is balanced and stays proportional. It’s also a good way to fix things that are slightly wrong and an excellent way to review your logo.

4. Don’t Overthink Your Design


Did you know the Yahoo logo had real meaning? Marissa Meyer gave an in depth justification of the design. She released a statement with six bullet points about the deeper idea behind the design. Here’s an example:

We preferred letters that had thicker and thinner strokes – conveying the subjective and editorial nature of some of what we do.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment; a logo should look attractive. As long as it does that and it reflects the brand. Don’t get hung up on creating a complex back-story for a good idea. Accept a good idea for being what it is.

5. Get Honest Feedback

There’s one thing I value above all else; honest feedback. Regardless of what you are doing, honest feedback is one of the best ways to improve your design.

Surround yourself with a group of friends and colleagues who are happy to give you honest feedback. I guarantee that you’ll see a huge improvement in the quality of your designs after just a few weeks of feedback.

I hope you found these design tips useful. Let me know what design tips you’d recommend in the comments below.

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4 responses to “5 Tips for Your Creative Logo Design Process”

  1. Steve Mark Avatar

    All point is notable and very impressive during making perfect logo thanks for being help for logo design.

  2. Oliver Felton Avatar

    There are lots of other things, including these should be kept in mind while designing your Business Logo. You need to discover your idea before finalizing anything. yes, the author has also mentioned here that you can also get some inspiration from other one to get some back-up. I loved this article.

  3. Js Wartz Avatar

    NIce post, There are many more points that one has to kept in mind in order to make a timeless logo design. As a freelancer designer i always participate in various crowdsourcing platforms such as designhill, designmantic and crowdspring and the basic rules shared are very nice .. Thanks again

  4. Nisha Marcosi Avatar
    Nisha Marcosi

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    Guys, do try them, their work is awesome. Here is the link : http://www.designjuice.in/

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