How To Boost Foot Traffic and Sales with Pokemon Go Graphics

How To Boost Foot Traffic and Sales with Pokemon Go Graphics

Unless you have been living under a pokestop, you have probably heard of the latest craze in the digital and gaming world, Pokemon Go.

In fact, although it came out less than a week ago now Pokemon Go has already become a sensation. Check out some of these insane stats:

  • It only took 3 hours right after its launch in Germany to hit the No. 1 spot on the iPhone revenue chart and 13 hours in the US sales chart.
  • Pokemon Go has nearly more users than Twitter on Android already
  • It’s been the top downloaded app for a week, way above behemoths like Facebook and Angry Birds (10.81% daily user penetration level four days after its US debut)

What is Pokemon Go?

If you’re still puzzled at how the game works, here is a quick guide from Polygon which covers pretty much everything you need to know about this latest craze…

So yeap, this app has totally revolutionized the way people play apps. It has connected the virtual world with our real lives and the best part is, if you have a local business shop – like a restaurant, a rolling snack store, an ice cream parlor, etc. you can take a huge advantage of this app to draw more customers to your business!

Take these latest tweets by Pokemon Go players taken at their local spots. Pokemon Go is causing the restaurants to change their game.

For more examples, try the “#pokemongo restaurant” search string in Twitter for instance:

Now, it’s time to generate more pokemons and boost foot traffic!

Obviously, Pokemon Go players choose spots where they can catch these adorable virtual creatures. PokeStops can be anywhere, including your backyard, garage, plaza, across the street, your office, etc. It’s then important to determine how your local shop stands on the game’s Geo map.

You can check this article for the thorough steps on how you can generate more pokemons on your location and eventually attract players who in effect, will be your customers. And don’t just undermine the power of these cheap “Lures“. Here are some recent posts on reddit about how local businesses are taking advantage of Pokemon Go:

Also check the comments section for creative examples of businesses taking advantage of PokémonGo.

Get your PoGo graphics right from Youzign

At Youzign, as much as we love to adapt fast to the latest trends so that you can maximize your marketing efforts.

In this light, we’ve prepared a few cool Pokemon Go templates that you can easily tweak and use for your local and digital advertising. These are available when you subscribe to Youzign Club. Here are some samples:



These templates are currently available in two formats: Flyer A5 (ready for printing) and Facebook Newsfeed Image size. We are planning to add a lot more formats throughout the coming week, such as Pokemon Go graphics for Facebook events covers. Feel free to try our risk-free Club service here, or if you are not a youzigner yet sign up here first.

With gyms, Pokestops and lures Pokemon Go is proving to provide fantastic marketing opportunities.

Are you planning to take advantage of this craze in an original way? Let us know in the comments!

Update: we are running a webinar about Pokemon Go marketing next week. Click here to register!