Are You Using Memes for Your Business Yet?

Memes have become a huge part of our online culture. Whether they are funny, sarcastic, or motivational, you just can’t ignore a popular meme. Due to the power of memes to grab attention, a smart business will do well to use memes to its advantage. The best thing about memes (from a business standpoint) is that they are cost effective. Especially true if you find a good custom meme creator and start developing a meme-based marketing strategy that strengthens your brand image.      

How memes can help you grow your business

At first glance, memes seem to be “just another name for simplistic and clever messages or jokes”.  We see simplistic messages throughout social media, and some of them make us laugh or make us think, most however can not be called “memes” per se. A meme is a message that creates a lasting memory in our minds. Moreover, a meme motivates us to share it with our friends and that’s how it becomes viral. Business owners and marketers who have recognized the power of memes often use them to strategically distribute content.

Make your brand relevant

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to know that attracting and keeping the interest of young people is a challenging job. Their attention span is short and their preferences change on a daily basis. But once you get their attention, they can be the strongest brand advocates due to their active social life.

This is where memes can help you properly brand your business. They are by definition interesting and shareable, which makes them a great marketing tool as long as they are relevant to your business. Using memes, you can show your customers that you are not entirely dedicated to just making sales, but you know how to have fun, too.

Increase visibility

Most memes come in the form of images or videos, which makes them ideal for sharing on social platforms. Whatever message you want to send to your target audiences, you can be sure it will reach them through a meme. Social networks make it super easy to spread visual messages and the most interesting ones are guaranteed to become viral. If you use them properly, memes can significantly increase your brand visibility because they resonate with people and gain exposure.

Memes also motivate people to check your website and learn more about your business. If you manage to communicate special offers through memes, you can attract even more qualified attention. The more visitors you attract to your site, the more overall online visibility you will gain.


Create new content quickly

A great deal of effort in any modern marketing strategy has to be focused on content creation. We are not talking about any type of content though – you have to give your audience something new and fresh.

Memes are easy to create and they don’t take much time if you know exactly what you want to communicate. You just need a good custom meme creator and you’ll produce marketing gems in no time, ready to attract eyeballs online. Whether you create your own brand new meme or adapt an existing one to your needs, there’s a good chance it will get the attention of your audience.    

How to properly use memes in your marketing strategy

Some businesses try to add a fun note to their brand by simply sharing good and popular memes on their social network profiles. While this strategy may have an impact, there’s also the risk of indirectly pointing to another business which has used that particular meme and associated it with its own services.

Instead of being a passive messenger, why not try to make the most out of memes and direct the attention to your brand, products or services? Just bear a few rules about memes in mind and make them one of your secret marketing tools.

React quickly

The most important thing you should keep in mind about memes is timing. Just as with any other pop culture phenomenon, memes lose their power as quickly as they gain it. Their popularity rises over night, maintains its peak for a certain amount of time, and then it slowly vanishes. Some memes stay popular for years, but there is no way to anticipate their lifespan.

Therefore, if you want to use the full marketing potential of memes, you have to react very quickly. This will help you position your business as a trendsetter. Otherwise, memes can have a negative effect on your image.  You don’t want to be the business equivalent of the uncool kid trying to fit in – by wearing last year’s fashion.

Stay relevant

Memes are fun and engaging, but there is no point in making one if it’s not relevant to your brand or offers. If it doesn’t resonate with the people you are trying to reach, you are just wasting your time. Be careful not to go to the other extreme and use memes to make a sales pitch. Your audience won’t appreciate it. Keep memes entertaining and only sell indirectly.

You can use a photo of your product and combine it with a saying from a popular television show or a movie. You can also use comedy punch lines and popular or classic quotes. Or, take a popular image of characters from movies or television shows and add your slogan or another message connected to your offers.

Make sure you understand the point behind the photo or the message you want to use for your meme. Check how your followers react to similar memes online. Be careful not to offend people. If you are running a more serious business, like a charity organization, it would be best to use emotional or motivational statements and avoid making jokes.

Make a sharing strategy

Good memes are shareable by nature, but you will have to put some traction into your memes if you want to get the most out of them. You can post them directly on your social network profiles or use them on your site and make it easy for your website visitors to share them.   

If you share your meme directly on social networks, do it in periods when your audience is most active online. If you use a meme on your site, blog or newsletter, don’t forget to include social sharing buttons around it for maximum visibility.

Know when to stop

Remember that the relevancy of popular memes lasts for a limited amount of time. Forcing a meme after it loses its popularity will make your business seem outdated. Regardless of the awesomeness of your meme, be ready to let it go when you see that its popularity has dwindled.

Instead of trying to push an existing meme, focus your efforts on creating a new one. There is always something fresh and popular online. Don’t expect to rule the online world with a single meme. If you want to maintain exposure for your business, you will have to be persistent in your meme-based strategy. 

Try the Youzign custom meme creator

The best way to outshine your competition is to create your own memes. This way, you will position yourself as a creative brand that is up-to-date with the latest trends. Youzign can help you in this endeavor since it lets you quickly create attractive and relevant memes with ease.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the preview feature, you can have your memes ready for sharing just seconds after you define your idea. Choose one of the available templates or upload your own image. Forget about the headaches related to creating quality graphics for your social network profiles, websites, or blogs. Try the Youzign meme creator today and get the online attention that your business deserves.

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