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Our monthly graphics giveaway has been a big success. We’ve got lots of positive feedback and we always get a lot of clicks. We enjoy making these graphics and you find them useful. For us that is a win win.

Today I want to do something a bit different. Over the last seven days our team of graphics designers have been working together to create a new graphics pack. It’s a graphics pack for designers working with local businesses. It could also be a graphics pack for a small business. The focus of today’s pack is the restaurant sector. Let me share with you why we picked this sector in five fun facts.

7 Facts about the Restaurant Sector

1) In the United States the restaurant sector is worth $709.2 billion pa. That’s a lot of money spent, food cooked, customers served and bellies filled. And although I don’t live in the US I know I make a weekly contribution to the restaurant sector.
2) In the US there are now more than 616,000 restaurants. That’s about one restaurant for every 518 people. That’s a 7% increase on last year, which goes to show that more restaurants are opening and people eating out than before (it also means more restaurants need help with advertising and great graphics).
3) In total 10% of the US workforce (or 13 million people) are employed either directly by the restaurant industry. It’s an awful lot of people (it’s about 4% in Europe. The difference is down to how they came up with the number of people employed in the sector).
4) In the US, seven out of ten restaurants are single unit operations. That means you’ve got the cook, a waiter and that’s about it. That doesn’t leave much time for advertising, publicizing and attracting more customers.
5) When you divide the amount of people in the US by the amount of restaurant meals consumed, you get an average of 191 restaurant meals consumed per person in a year. That’s like eating out ever other day during weekdays and every day on the weekend.
6) In 2010 the average American spent $2,505 eating out. The Median wage in the US is $26,695. That means on average 10% of the salary was spent eating out at restaurants and socializing with friends.
7) 80% of the restaurant sector in the US is full service. This is the regular kind of restaurant you’d expect to eat it. Only 20% of the sector is limited service (fast food).


And Eight Silly Facts

1) The word restaurant actually comes from the French. In 1765 a person called Boulanger opened a shop where he sold a dish called “restaurants.” The meat was supposed to restore strength (like a protein shake).
2) At $8,750 per person, The Old Homestead in New York offered one of the most expensive meals in the world. The meal included edible 24-carat gold and sweet potatoes topped with caviar.
3) After leaving KFC Colonel Sanders stopped liking his now famous chicken. He once said that the “chicken was the worst fried chicken I’d ever seen” and that the gravy tasted “like wallpaper.”
4) In a PR stunt Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station. The delivery cost was $1,000,000 making it the most expensive delivery ever (I imagine they didn’t have to pay for the pizza as it took more than 30 minutes to deliver).
5) At Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan the food is served a little differently. Instead of the usual human waiters you also get food served by two per macaque monkeys. Supposedly these monkeys learned to do this after watching the owner serve food.
6) The oldest restaurant in the US was opened in 1826. It is called the Union Oyster House and unsurprisingly sells oysters. You can still eat there to this day.
7) According to a survey in 1999, the most common cause of arguments between couples at a restaurant is the result of stealing French fries. Obviously food was not meant to share.
8) The second most common reason for an argument is eying up other people while you are eating with your partner. So don’t look and don’t touch.

The Restaurant Graphics Pack

I hope you enjoyed this mixture of stats and fun facts. More importantly though, I hope you get great value from our restaurant graphics pack. If you’d like us to create a graphics pack for your niche then let us know in the comments below.

You can download your graphics pack here. All graphics are suitable for use with Youzign.

P.S. If you want to try Youzign for yourself then head over to the homepage for your free 30-day trial. You don’t need to enter your credit card details. To get started just click here.





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