Graphics Giveaway: 4th of July

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. Just own the night like the 4th of July
‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework. Come on, show ’em what you’re worth

There are so many songs that include words “4th of July” in the lyrics and/or speaking about the 4th of July. The one above is a bit from “Firework” by Katy Perry. The happiness, the spirit and, of course, the fireworks madness on Katty Perry’s video show the typical festivities surrounding the celebration of the birth of American independence.

The 4th of July is probably the most well-known independence day in the world and it is celebrated in a lot of different ways. At YMB Properties, we want are celebrating Independence Day with this free graphics pack, which you can pick up at the end of the post.

Besides celebrating the 4th of July with festivals and songs, there are some other ways to celebrate it. This year the 4th of July falls on Saturday, so why not celebrate this Saturday with some fireworks? Just in case you need some inspiration, here are some ideas of different ways you can celebrate the day:

– Picnic
When is the last time you went on a picnic with your family or friends? If it has been a while, then you should do it this weekend. To get the spirit of the 4th of July celebration, pack some hot dogs and hamburgers. On top of that, also make your own Sangria or Lemonade, a typical summer drinks to accompany your picnic time.

– Cooking
If it’s going to be a sunny day, organize a barbecue! Cook your own big, thick and juicy T-Bone Steak. You can also grill some corn with parsley and garlic. If you are more of a dessert person, try to make your own chocolate chip cookies or strawberry shortcake.

If you have kids, you can try to make your own banana split. Yes, it is easy to make and it is going to be fun for children to decorate the banana. Banana splits are of course one of the most famous American desserts.

– DIY RWB (red, white and blue) decorations
Do something fun and undertake a DIY project to make your own outfit that fits the American spirit. Obviously use red, white and blue. Don’t forget the stripe (white and red) along with the stars. Besides your outfit, you can also decorate part of your house with the American color scheme. You’ll get the fun when a friend tells you “it is so American!”.

– Movie time
Feel the spirit of independence by watching a classic American movie. A few good movies I’d suggest include Born of the fourth of July (1989), the Patriot (2000), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Independence day (1996). Of course there are many more you can choose from.

– Be in America
What better way to celebrate Independence Day than being in America? Yes, if possible, travel to America and experience the celebration there. Either go to Bristol, Rhode Island and join the famous parade or visit New York. For more inspiration check out this article.

Since songs are one of the best forms of celebration, I can’t help but recall the “Night Ride Home”, by Joni Mitchell.

Hula girls
And caterpillar tractors in the sand
The ukulele man
The fireworks
This 4th of July
Night ride home

Here at Youzign, we would like to help you celebrate the 4th of July with a free graphics! Click here to download the custom-made graphics pack created especially for you by our designers.

Have a great 4th of July celebration!






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    Great article and Thank You for the 4th of July Graphics.

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      Nico P

      Glad you found the graphics useful Gene 🙂

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