How to make your Youzign images clickable in Facebook

How to make your Youzign images clickable in Facebook

One of the most frequent questions we get at Youzign since we started is “how can I make my images clickable in Facebook”?

In other words, how can I make sure that when someone clicks on my image on Facebook they are redirected to my website (instead of just opening a bigger version of the image)?

Now until recently, our answer was “this is not possible, Facebook does not allow it”… But I guess times are changing, it’s 2017 and you can finally make your images clickable (and link to your website) in Facebook!

This marketing ‘hack’ is courtesy of LetClicks, an innovative little software that comes from Holland, not too far from where Youzign is headquartered in Belgium.

And furthermore, LetClicks is integrated with Youzign. But let’s get right onto it, here is how to create a clickable image in Facebook.

1. Login to Letclicks

To get started head over to the LetClicks dashboard and login with your account.

Note: click here if you don’t have a Letclicks account yet.

2. Select the Create a photolink option

Simple enough so far right?

3. Configure your clickable image

Simply enter your headline, destination URL and you are good to go!

4. Post to Facebook

From your Letclicks dashboard select the photolink you just created and click on Post now to post to your Facebook profile, or any pages and groups.

5. Your image is now clickable in Facebook!

Hint: you can test this clickable image here

Here you go! Now you can make your Youzign images clickable images. And please note Letclicks has a Youzign integration, so you can easily pull your Youzign images from your Letclicks dashboard and post them instantly to Facebook.

Want to start making your images clickable in Facebook too?

Simply click on the image below to learn more about Letclicks.