New AI templates in Branding

If you sometimes struggle with inspiration and not sure what to ask the AI genie for, you are going to love this.

You can now quickly access tons of AI prompt templates to instantly create all kind of visuals, from realistic stock photo to logos, illustrations, architectural drawing and more!

How it works

Step 1. Click on Templates in Image AI

Go to Branding Image AI and select “Templates” in the top right.

Step 2. Select a template

Next simply select one of the AI templates from the list. You can also view samples for each templates by clicking on the Examples button.

Step 3. Edit prompt

Once you select a template, it will get added to the input field on the image AI automatically.

Edit the keywords to match your description with what you are trying to create and hit the Generate button.

In this case we replaced “brown labradoodle dog” with “white ragdoll cat”.

And voila! We are adding more AI templates each week, keep checking back for more!

P.S. All our blog illustrations are created using one of the AI templates inside Branding App, can you guess which one it is?






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