The 4 types of logos you need for your business

One of the biggest mistakes digital entrepreneurs make with their brands is not having the right logos for the right occasion. 

In fact, depending on which medium you upload your logo too, whether it’s:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • The App Store
  • your own website
  • A google ad
  • A flyer
  • A t-shirt
  • And so on…

You will need a different logo for each occasions.

In today’s tutorial, you will discover the 4 types of logo you need for your business.

You will also discover why it matters so much, and in which situations to use each type of logo. 

This way you will avoid the most common mistakes online business owners make when it comes to using their logos. 

Finally, you will get access to our brand new logo templates in Youzign which you will be able to use for your next logo projects. 

About Youzign

Our vision at Youzign is to accelerate the transition from idea to brands. We do this with Youzign, as well as our suite of graphic software called the zSuite. This includes:

  • Youzign Pro with 4,000 templates and unlimited designs
  • Gifzign the ultimate GIF maker Mockzign for all your mockup needs
  • Isozign to help you create beautiful isometric graphics for your marketing
  • Branding app to create amazing brands in records time

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