text to image AI

The new Branding Image AI!

Create your brand visuals with AI in Branding App!

Branding’s text to image AI is a state of the art diffusion model based on the latest advances of text to image generation. It allows you to create 100% unique images from a simple text input.

All the images is generates can be used commercially, without any restrictions.

This text to image model will soon be integrated deeper into Branding’s feature. For now you can use it to generate images for your designs.

How to use the Text to Image AI

The images the model are going to output will be highly determined by the words you give it.

For instance, the prompt “woman” VS the prompt “beautiful young woman, smiling, 4k, photorealistic” will give you two very different results.

If you need help with crafting great prompts for your image generation, we highly recommend you check out our other product, https://www.zign.ai, which is arguably one of the best prompt engineering software online.

What is the cost of your text to image AI?

At the moment and until January 2023 the cost for you to generate an image is free and includes 150 image generations per month. This may change in the future as we monitor usage, as it requires expensive hardware for us to run this technology.

Similar platforms such as Midjourney and Dall-E charge from 5 to 15 cents per image for this feature.

Start creating your images from text!

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