Watch the 1 minute Youzign demo video and download 1,296 graphics free!

Watch the 1 minute Youzign demo video and download 1,296 graphics free!

Hey there, Nico here from YMB. For those that don’t know me,  I”m the tech evangelist at YMB Properties in charge of reaching up partners and running some of our customer webinars. Today I’m very excited to reveal the first public video of Youzign after nearly a year of development. Simply press on the play button to watch it now!

Youzign really is shaping up to be our most exciting product launch. To celebrate we are giving away 10 years of Youzign for free, that’s over $2,000 in value! And if you haven’t done so yet feel free to register for the limited beta invite by clicking on this link.

As you can see from the video above, Youzign has been rebuilt from the ground-up based on all the customer feedback we have been accumulated over the past 2 years. We integrated a ton of very innovative features, such as a auto-alignment grid, dynamic background patterns and more. This demo is only a glance at what Youzign does, but I hope it will get you as excited as we are about it.

Although there will only be a select few beta testers, I’m happy to reveal that everybody has the same chance of winning the prize. I’m offering you the chance to win 10 years access to Youzign completely free of charge. There will only be one winner but everyone who enters the giveaway gets instant access to 1,296 graphics so really, simply click here to enter the contest and download your 1,296 free graphics pack or hit the blue button below.



Make it a great day,

Nicoand the YMB Team

P.S. Make sure to watch the video above and let me know in the comments which Youzign features you are most excited about.