Why Social Media Marketing Pros are Like Ninjas

Why Social Media Marketing Pros are Like Ninjas

Did you know Social Media experts like Ian Cleary, John Lee Dumas, Jenn Herman, Sue Zimmerman and others have similar characteristics to a ninja?

Okay you got me!
That was just a wild observation from a casual social media user writing for the YouZign blog. 🙂

But before you close this window and literally end this crazy imagination of mine, allow me to give justice to that idea I’ve just introduced.

In this post, let me show you 8 facts about ninjas and the (not-so) secret tools (11 all) of today’s SM experts that make me think they are masquerading ninjas on the internet.


1. Ninjas don’t sweat.

One characteristic of ninjas (which I wouldn’t want to possess!) is that they don’t perspire no matter how many backflips and somersaults they perform in the air!

Well, SM experts too.  Not literally though, but with a tool like Quill Engage managing campaigns and running reports on their posts is a breeze!


Quill Engage connects with Google Analytics in such a way that it converts more technical, hard-to-digest, and overflowing data into concise, simple and actionable weekly reports. If you can relate to the hardship of sifting through Google Analytics report, you should definitely try this ninja tool out!

Quill Engage gives you valuable insights direct from Google Analytics that looks like somebody has written them for you! It means less time trying to understand the data and more time improving your site. No sweat at all.

2. A Ninja can change clothes in less than 1 second.

A true ninja possesses superhuman speed, which makes espionage a no-fuss task.

So do SM experts. They can plan and schedule their posts and campaigns ahead of anybody. Tools like Post Planner give them the speed they need to “triple their engagement in less than 10 minutes a day.”

“Post Planner has saved us countless hours of work”. – Brian Moran of Get 10,000 fans


Post Planner is a built-in Facebook marketing app that lets you schedule your posts on any FB page. It also provides viral content for your audience and consistent high-quality status updates.

Say, you’re running out of ideas for your next status, it’s Status Ideas Engine can definitely help out. Like in this sample, “If you had to give up Facebook or your iPhone, which would you give up?”

So whether you’re sleeping, or just out-of-town, you can skyrocket your engagement and never again miss a post with this tool.

3. Ninjas don’t get lost.

Seemingly useless stuff to us like tree stumps or moss can be used by ninjas to figure out where they are. For them it’s a piece of cake!

SM experts also have ways to figure out how they can reach a larger audience within their specific niche… one of the ways is through adding hashtags.

Ever since Twitter popularized hashtags, every #single #word #or #phrase #with a (#) pound sign can be labeled as one of these. And with sky’s-the-limit word and phrase matches, searching for hashtags that fit your niche has become a painful task!

So how do SM ninjas work their way out?

Very simple. They use tools like Tagboard. A very handy tool for searching any hashtag used across multiple social networks (from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others more). With it, searching for related hashtags is made very quick and simple.

Tried a very meaningful hashtag for me #lazyblogger and this is what I got:


What’s interesting is that, the search results also shows the popularity of hashtags and users’ “sentiments” about it. Whether a hashtag conveys a positive or a negative emotion, you can always check that on your tagboard.

4. Ninjas are very resourceful.

“In an average living room there are 1,242 objects ninjas could use to kill you, including the room itself.”

Ninjas can maximize any object’s full potential and use the best of the available resources to help with their mission.

In running social media pages, it’s obvious that it’s not always necessary to make your own posts just to leverage engagement. “Sharing” makes it easier to fill one’s pages with relevant contents created by other people across the ocean of content.

However, not all posts are created equal.

This is why SM ninjas use tools that help them select and analyze what content performs best for their audience. Checkout these two:

BuzzSumo – a very popular content curation tool, not only provides a list of “killer” contents from the leading SM platforms but also gives excellent content analysis report for every keyword you specify.


It covers a lot of valuable features, take Content Alert for example, this will tell you if your specified keyword has been mentioned on a new post. Thus making it a vital weapon for link building and content marketing.

Swayy is another winning weapon for SM ninjas. It’s also another awesome content curation tool, like BuzzSumo, as it provides highly performing articles combined with relevant keywords for your domain.


Only difference is that, its more personalized to the user. Rather than a quick content analysis report, you’ll be given a dashboard where you can see the performance of your posts, see how people react to them and what keywords perform the best.

 5. Ninjas are the best guitar players. Ever.

Same with a real-life ninja, SMM are rockstars when it comes to selecting the best content, scheduling their posts, and maintaining high levels of engagement.

Sounds pretty cool right? but easier said than done.

Every second, thousands of people everywhere are posting new content on the internet and no matter how ingenious your post is, with over 1,500 potential posts competing for peoples attention everyday it will soon reach the rock bottom of the news feed. Hence,

“A key component to a comprehensive social media strategy is going to be consistency.  Whichever social media platforms you choose, you are going to need to be posting consistently.”

Melissa Leiter , Author, The Lifespan of Social Media Posts

One of the tools SM ninjas rely onto for consistency is Beatrix. Most of its features makes me say, it’s what you get when you combine Post Planner (away from Facebook) and Swayy.


Features include “plan a week of social content in seconds, Quickly pick and schedule images, links and more, track your progress effortlessly” etc.

Beatrix gives you consistency by letting you post high quality content (keep you rockin’!), schedule the posts and track how well they perform all within your SM platform.

6. Can run 100 miles on their hands

Quite unbelievable eh? But considering the fact that they train 20 hours/day starting from age 2, makes it a bit more convincing. 🙂

At least, nothing could stop them even if their feet get cut on a mission.

But again, let’s not take that in a literal sense when we speak of SM ninjas. What I wanted to point out is their same matchless effort to reach their goals no matter how distant it may seem.

So what makes it possible for SM ninjas?

Simple. With a tool like Nutshell, monitoring SM networks is a no-brainer task. It gives real time updates and insights straight to your email. This allows you to see how your pages are performing wherever you are, whenever you want.


Go hundreds of miles and still get the information you need without distractions and without the need to log in from each SM network you manage.

7. Ninjas hate to lose.

If you don’t want to lose a challenge, why not create your own?

SM ninjas know how to leave their competitors behind by creating something unusual,more interesting and highly engaging. Take these two tools to amplify your SM marketing:

Qzzr – Admit it. Trivia quizzes, personality tests and IQ tests are just hard to resist! Now, you can create your own tests on any topic you can think of for any SM page you manage!

Woobox – Easily create powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more with Woobox.


Some of the choices you can make are photo and video contests, polls, deals, leaderboards, rewards, even set up how your fans can claim their prizes!

8. Ninjas carry cool weapons

Ninjas are stealth warriors best known for their cool weaponry like the Katana (sword) and throwing stars. They really seem to have unlimited weapons underneath their black suits…

Likewise, here are two cool tools specifically designed for Facebook marketing that come in handy. Here’s how they work:

Social Stats –  “…allows you to browse a map of the world and see the reach by demographic for Facebook Ads…Advertisers can learn interesting information which can help when creating demographically targeted Facebook ad campaigns. Also available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.”


Word Stats – “…shows you performance data at keyword level for the Likes, Interests and Topics you are targeting with your Facebook Ads…Start by authenticating in Facebook and giving the application permission to access your advertising accounts.”



Oh, before I forget, all the tools mentioned here are free to access. Yep. (but, you can always check if there’s a paid version/ upgrades on each site).

Nevertheless, whether you agree with me or not that SM experts are Internet ninjas, I must say, I’m truly grateful that you reached up to this point.

Did I miss any SM ninja tools worth sharing in this post? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll look into it straight away! 🙂

Make it a great day,

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