Your Guide to Trendy Facebook Cover Designs

There are several components that you can worked on if you would like to have a better Facebook page for your business. One of them is the Facebook Cover (and I consider that element as the numbero uno one, the most important one).


Trust me, people who accidently go to your Facebook Page will make a judgment about your business within a few seconds. Here’s what they do:
1. Get an overview of what the page is about
2. Find if there any interesting content
3. Take a decision to like the page or not even care about it

The very first thing that people usually see on the Facebook page – landing page is:
– Profile picture
– Facebook Cover Photo
– The name of the Facebook page (+ several tabs underneath it)
– How many people like it / how many fans you have
– About the page – short description about your business
– The latest update from the page (it might be picture, link, several text or etc)
Wthin these first few seconds people summarize and take a decision on if they will like it or not.

To leave that good first impression it is clear that you need to have a good Facebook profile picture and also Facebook cover photo.

Since Facebook profile picture is so tiny and it’s really impossible to ‘explain’ something there, your Facebook cover photo is the biggest canvas that you have to explain what your page is all about and grab your potential customers attention! So you HAVE TO make it awesome!

There are several things that you need to know so that you can have the “right” Facebook cover for your business page. Let’s roll!

1. Size
Knowing your canvas size is the best thing to start with. You”ll know exactly what is the area that you can play with.

The current size for the Facebook cover is 851 px x 315 px. Everyone knows that Facebook keep on updating their cover photo size. This is a great source to keep on updated all the time about the Facebook cover photo size: check it here.

2. Things need to remember
Clear photo
The Facebook cover dimension is fixed. You should remember that besides the size should be 851px x 315px, it also needs to be a high quality image. No one will enjoy a blurry image, isn’t it? So better watch out with your Facebook cover photo resolution.

Keep it simple
Your Facebook cover page is like a banner, people will only look at it for a very limited amount of time. You should be able to choose the best design / image to SHOW people what your page is about. You should also remember to keep it simple and make it easy to digest, which means not too much text and confusing (or even misleading) images.

Be consistent and fresh
Everyone likes to change their clothes don’t they? People love to sometimes be fresh and have a new look. Well perhaps Mark Zuckerberg is one of the very few exceptions to that rule, given that he likes to wear the same type / style of outfit every day 😉

Changing your Facebook cover photo is a great idea though. But remember don’t do it too often. Here’s the single most important reason why it’s a good idea:
When you change your cover photo, it will show up in the news feed of your fans.

One important thing to remember, always change it with a good one. But you don’t want to change it too often. I’d suggest changing your Facebook cover image ,at most, once a month. This will be a nice reminder to your fans that you are existing (of course you should remind them that you exist with regular post updates and plenty of images).

Keep it in line with promotions
Within reason, Facebook doesn’t really have any rules about what you should and shouldn’t you put on your Facebook cover. They are just very specific about the size of the image and basically not using other people images / works (without acknowledgment).

Facebook mentioned here and asked us to “be creative and experiment with images to see what your audience responds to best“.

You can utilize this feature to also promo any activities that are going on in your business. Is there any special promotion happening? Do you have any contest going on? Or maybe you want to announce your contest winner or feature them? Talk about that in your cover photo. But, always remember to not make it a hard sell. Never put prices, the exact term and conditions of your promotions, etc. on your cover image. Find a creative way to show it.

3. Facebook Cover Templates
So you know the exact size, plus you know the do’s and the dont’s about the Facebook cover. Now let’s talk a bit deeper about the design.

From all the things that I’ve mentioned above, the ultimate thing that you should figure out is how to be creative with your Facebook cover. No need to worry if you are not a creative person, I’ll reveal how to make a Facebook cover by yourself.

If you feel that you don’t have any designing talents nor budget for paying an expensive designer to sort out your Facebook cover design, you can still make an impressive Facebook cover by yourself. Have you ever tried Youzign? There are several templates that are ready to use and you can make unlimited types of design by just adjusting some of the elements. Sounds impossible? Try it and you’ll get what I mean.

Check this video out and see how super easy to make a Facebook cover design on your own.

You can change the colours, add image, change the font, add some more text, and many other things besides. I know you’ll say thank you later on so, you’re welcome!

4. Examples
Here I’ll share some of my favourite Facebook page cover photos. Hope it will inspire you to create yours. Let’s our creativity run wild!

Nutella facebook cover photo

Nutella Facebook cover photo is simple and yummy. It has pretty typography with chalk style written Good Morning Nutella lovers. It instantly made me miss Nutella though I just have it this morning.

Toyota facebook cover photo

Toyota promote their new campaign #OneBoldChoice. Toyota asked their fans to celebrate their dad, because every dad is an everyday hero. It featured DeMarcus Ware, Pro Football Player and his son in the picture.

People facebook cover photo

Peoplemagz facebook cover picture show 5 photos of famous people. It simple and clearly stated what is the magazine all about.


I am always surprised about how creative Demilked can play around their Facebook cover design. The current Facebook cover photo makese you think that the page has something with milk and also design.

KLM facebook cover photo

It shows the brand and also a commitment that if there is any question or request, they will reply within 25 minutes-ish. It also give the idea that KLM put their customer above everything else. They trying to re-inforce the idea that their customer is important. One way that they actually stick to this claim is by replying to EVERY comment on the Facbook page.

Nike facebook cover photo

Probably the simplest Facebook cover photo design, but it still counts as a good one. It is straight to the point and memorable plus encouraging people at the same time. I love the Nike tagline!

Wrap up!
Facebook is a platform that’s used by hundreds of millions of people. Using Facebook for business purposes sometimes seem a bit complicated, but I can tell you that owning a Facebook page is important to your business.

Facebook lets you directly connect with an audience of hundreds of millions of people. With a strong fan base you can really get the word out about your products and services. Just like Twitter and other social media platform it also gives a personal touch to your business.
Like I said in the beginning that your cover photo is key of your Facebook page. It has to be eye-catching and easy to digest. Not only that, it has to be up to date. Oh, if you’re interested, here are the sizes for other important images that appear on your Facebook page.

Profile Picture
160px ×160px on your Page.
The picture size should be 180px ×180 px and need to be high resolution.

Shared Image
1200×1200 recommended upload size
The height of the image does vary though and is not standardised. When your image is shared it is normally resized to 484×252 pixels.

I hope these Facebook cover ideas and useful tips have given you a few ideas about how to create a great Facebook page for your business. Let me know what you think and tell me about your favorite Facebook covers? If you have any suggestions or comments about how to make a great Facebook cover design, jump into the conversation in the comments below!





3 responses to “Your Guide to Trendy Facebook Cover Designs”

  1. Harriman Real Estate Avatar

    FYI, the cover photo size is 851 x 315, not 815 x 315 as stated in your post.

    1. Rose Bulandos Avatar
      Rose Bulandos

      Hi Harriman,

      Thanks for the nudge! We’ve already updated the FB cover photo size, it’s a good thing you have keen eyes!


  2. Drew Stallcop Avatar

    Hi there… one thing to consider here that is not mentioned… the size of a cover for an Event page is the same as the cover for a FB Business page… however, FB shows does not show a profile pic for Event pages – instead it gives the date and page title. Youzign works awesomely well for both. This is more a comment on the fact that your layout can be a little different for an Event page.

    I’ve attached a screen snip of one I created on the day Youzign opened up. Not trying to promote my workshop…obviously peeps reading this are not likely to be my target market. Just wanted to show an example (which I’m about to change anyway for the reason Nico mentioned… to get it back in the newsfeeds of those invited to the event). Hope this little tidbit helps anyone out there promoting events on FB.

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