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Youzign 3.0: A Sneak Peek

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

–Massimo Vignelli

For the past 3 years we have invested a lot of resources to build Youzign into a design language. We push ourselves to crush milestones after milestones in making Youzign better and faster.

We have successfully built hundreds of new features into Youzign, made the app 2X faster with a recent server migration and treated our tens of thousands of customers like the design kings and queens they are.

If you are a Youzigner, then you already know we are constantly improving, building, and tweaking.

I want to tell you and show you screenshot sneak peek of 2 of the major features you will be enjoying with Youzign 3.0 (coming out soon.)

First is the all new invigorating layout. Looking at it alone will make you want to design. It is simple, inviting and as always, has zero learning curve.

The navigation links are well defined with hyperlinks and icons. You can do everything you normally do on the current youzign 2.0 UI; view, edit or download a design/template,  swift account profile setup, API integration data (of course this will not change from what you already have and all your current integrations are not affected), and so many more.

We also played with colours a bit and everything blends perfectly well. Once you are logged in you are welcomed by a motivating interface that triggers your creativity.

youzign 3

Second is the new monetisation feature that every Youzigner will enjoy. The Youzign Marketplace

The marketplace is a brand new feature addition to Youzign (yet to go live) that every user can leverage to sell and buy design templates.

You can design all template categories, put a price tag on them and put them out in the marketplace. Likewise, you can open the marketplace, browse through template offers and purchase as many as you want for your project. Filter through the pool of template offers with a tag search or by selecting a price range.

The marketplace comes with other extra features like following and private messaging the author, checkout author’s other items, reviews and even see related items to the one you are viewing, and much more.

youzign 3

The idea behind Youzign marketplace

“Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.”

–Nicholas Negroponte

We have created and deployed well over 3,000 templates to Youzigners over the years. Each of those templates took enormous resources from our design team who pour in their mind and soul into making them they best they can be. We will of course continue to create more.

But we suppose we reached a point where we want to give our users the opportunity to leverage the benefits of differences and juxtapositions that comes with comparing and using design masterpiece from tens of thousands of other users.

youzign 3

It is going to be a limitless supply of fresh design ideas in finished products. Perfect for everyone!

We will record you an overview video of Youzign 3.0 soon enough.

Thanks for your support, feature suggestions and patience with us.







17 responses to “Youzign 3.0: A Sneak Peek”

  1. Bob Pike Csp Cpae Avatar
    Bob Pike Csp Cpae

    Sounds awesome — looking forward to it!!

  2. samsons1 Avatar

    It shouldn’t be long now! We listen, with intense anticipation, during each weekly webinar for any ‘thread’ of further information about the soon launching of YZ3.0. We ‘old timers’ can hardly wait and are counting down the days with our ‘ear to the rail’ anxiously awaiting the soon arrival of that ‘magical’ email in our inbox announcing ‘YouZign 3.0’ is here…;)

  3. Adam Teece Avatar

    Super excited for this! The main thing I need is an easy way to remove backgrounds and having YouZign as a desktop app I am hoping will make things easier. I just hope that desktop app can work without internet access from time to time too. That way if I am traveling or something I can do a quick minor edit and not worry about finding a wifi hotspot to do so.

  4. Robert D Watkins (Bob) Avatar
    Robert D Watkins (Bob)

    Mangus, great work and looking forward to trying out the 3.0 system when it is available 🙂

  5. Jim Crabb Avatar
    Jim Crabb

    Good news today, a new version of Youzign! Looking forward to the new look and new features.

  6. Daniel Fortes Avatar
    Daniel Fortes

    The whole team at Youzign is amazing. And we’re always excited about the changes, improvements, and awesome community. Can’t wait for the release of the marketplace.

  7. James Kaylee Avatar
    James Kaylee

    I hope it is faster as the old site is slowing down and finally stopped using it as just not time effective to make graphics off there when I can use photoshop just as quick. I will try it and see how 3.0 is. The marketplace will be cool and much needed.

  8. Keshav Maheshwari Avatar

    Awesome. I am more then excited for this 🙂
    the Zign team rocks 🙂

  9. David Rhodes Avatar
    David Rhodes

    This is exciting. We use youzion with everything. What would really be nice to have in the editor is a ruler of some sort which we can turn off and on. When making a design with bleed a ruler would come in handy. A+ and a half to youzion

  10. Bob Gatchel Avatar
    Bob Gatchel

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I am JACKED at seeing what you guys have planned. YouZign was one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I have ever made in my business. You guys make it easy for me to make me look good with AMAZING marketing pieces! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  11. Our World Enterprises LLC Avatar

    This looks awesome! It is however super important that you keep the cloud app and not just move to a Desktop/Mobile App. I bought Youzign due to browser / plugin independent editing across multiple locations and if that is taken away, that would be awful. Thank you for all you have done to keep YouZign Awesome!

  12. Marco Vantroba Avatar

    Looking forward! Like YouZign, but not able yet to cancel my canva subscription because of few thinks like the “container” feature and Grid-things (drag and drop images into the grids). This is what i really miss. Maybe it will come into YZ, too?!

  13. Dan Segarra Avatar

    Will this be a free upgrade for current users?

    1. shendison Avatar

      sure hope so – especially for “lifetime” accounts

  14. Stevie Edwin Avatar
    Stevie Edwin

    I really enjoy YZ despite it having slowed over recent months but I have one major disappointment. It doesn’t run on my shiny new 12.9” iPad Pro and YZ was one of the primary reasons I upgraded. Guess I should blame Apple for ditching flash support but then I should have checked with the YZ support team first 🙁

  15. Marcellus McMillian Avatar
    Marcellus McMillian

    I have to tell you, I really love this software it has saved me so much money and allowed me to create stunning things that I would have had to pay designers thousands for and I have been able to do it month after month!

  16. Nicola Bonaccini Avatar
    Nicola Bonaccini

    What about lifetime accounts? Will you offer a discounted upgrade?

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