3 Cool Perks of Using a Business Card Maker

3 Cool Perks of Using a Business Card Maker

If you’re just starting out as a business, hiring a professional business card designer might just be out of your budget. If you try to design your cards by yourself, you will save money. But doing your own designs means you end up with an amateurish looking design that gives off a bad impression.

This is where the best option for small businesses comes in – use a professional online business card maker. This is how you can create professional looking cards on your own.

Remember, having a memorable business card to hand out is always useful. It’s not just about having a stack of cards to hand out at a scheduled business meeting. You also want to be ready for when you accidentally meet someone you want to impress. Since we all want to leave a strong first impression, having a sophisticated, out-standing business card is an asset

A truly outstanding and memorable business card can be a great networking tool. Even though most entrepreneurs nowadays use emailing and texting to introduce themselves and their work, nothing creates genuine connections like a sophisticated business card.

Of course, sending your contact information via email is convenient, but it’s also very impersonal, which is not the case with business cards. Plus, an awesome business card is a great conversation starter.

Why does having a memorable business card matter?

With the Internet and social platforms rapidly growing, one may think the era of the good old business cards has come to an end. However, the connecting power of an elegant business card is something that most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs prefer and rely upon.

While paid media, search engine optimization and email marketing have their share in attracting prospects, exchanging business cards has been proven as far more effective for businesses.

1. Well designed business cards indicate a high level of professionalism

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re supposed to write your contact information on a napkin or a Post-it piece of paper? Whether in a bar or a conference room, it is always important to make a good impression – especially when you talk about business. Having a few outstanding business cards will help you appear highly professional and ready for a good business proposal. Additionally, it gives you another subject to talk about with your interlocutor.

2. Great business cards help present your business and brand in a positive manner

When meeting a person for business purposes, chances are you want them to believe that your business has a potential to develop successfully. A well designed business card can help others get a better sense of what you do and help you make a memorable first impression.

3. Creative business cards are great network marketers

Everyone loves creative business cards. Well designed and attractive business cards continue to do marketing for you, even when you are not around. If you hand over a fabulous business card that leaves a great impression, people will show it off to others. That is how your brand gets presented to various potential prospects. Call it “passive marketing” if you will.

An online business card maker helps you express yourself clearly and properly

If you are thinking about using fabulous business cards to introduce yourself and your business to the world, you have two options. You can have your business card professionally designed and printed or you can add a personal touch and express yourself properly by designing the business card yourself.

Even though the process of creating a nice business card design may sound challenging, it can be quite simple if you have the right support. At Youzign, we provide this support and offer a wide variety of design templates to our members. You can create awesome business cards that fit your preferences, quickly and easily.


Create your business card on your own terms and save money with an online business card maker

If you are running a small or medium sized business, you can save time and money by creating your business cards yourself. The great thing about this is that you can create business cards on your own terms, without having to spend time with professional designers. Additionally, you can save a good amount of money and still get outstanding, professional looking business cards.

An online business card maker makes everything easier

Creating your own business cards by using an online business card maker is simple and easy. However, not every online business card maker will provide you with templates and graphics that can satisfy your needs. At Youzign, we devotedly work towards offering numerous different templates so that our customers can easily create the business card they have always wanted.

Once you design your logo, insert custom text and add graphics, borders and backgrounds, you can save your work and follow further instructions. Youzign will lead you through the process and help you create outstanding business cards that present your business more effectively.

Create outstanding business cards with these Youzign tips and tricks

Business cards are not just random tiny scraps of paper. In fact, there is a lot more to them. Well designed business cards are a useful networking tool which can help you connect with people on a more personal level. A fabulous business card can help you present yourself as a professional in your field. In order to design impressive business cards that will stand out, here are a few tips you may find useful.

online business card maker youzign tips

1. Tickle people‘s curiosity

Don’t try to cover every single detail about your business on that small piece of paper. Cover the basics and leave some room for questions. When creating your business card, it’s always good to ensure your graphics and design will get people interested in learning more about what you do.

2. Try to spark a conversation

The logo of your business can sometimes say a lot. But if your logo is simple and elegant, it is best to focus on using graphics or images that inspire a conversation. Remember, conversation leads to connection, and there is nothing more important in the business world than being well connected. If you can’t decide on a single business-card image, you can create a few different cards and use a different image on each one.

3. Don’t forget to include your business social outposts

As most businesses use social platforms to engage with their existing and potential customers, it makes sense to include your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page. That way, your new business associates can connect with you on the social channels. However, it is very important to include only social media profiles which are relevant to your brand or business.

So, should you use an online business card maker to create your business cards? Of course! With Youzign, your awesome business cards are just a few clicks away.

So get creative, choose the most beautiful Youzign template and high-resolution graphics, and create an outstanding business card for your business. Click here to try Youzign today for only $1.