How To Create Graphics For Your Site – The Easy Way

Getting great graphics for your site is a tough job. You have probably considered buying premade graphics, but retreated to lethargy the moment you figured out they don’t quite suit your needs. Creating quality custom graphics is the way to go, but are you wondering how to create graphics that impress your visitors while conveying your message?

How to create graphics that will impress your site visitors

You can try enrolling in a graphic design course and become a master of design yourself. However, some might argue that enrolling in a course may take a lot of time and effort, and that there are other ways to create wonderful graphics for your site without in-depth knowledge of graphic design programs. In this article we’ll cover the most popular DIY methods to producing quality graphics.

Enroll in a basic art or graphic design analysis course

If you want to consciously figure out what would look great on your site, you have to train yourself to recognize details. No, we don’t mean paying the top rate at the nearest design college. There are hundreds of online courses, blog posts and books that can teach you the secrets of great design.


You’ll just have to sit through some of them and pay attention. Believe us when we say it’ll pay back tremendously.

Check out great designs and figure out what they are made of

After becoming confident of your visual discerning skills, it’s time to analyze the masters and see what they offer. Are you an Apple fan or hold respect for the work they do? Great, since Apple are masters of design, and are responsible for the trend which is currently taking the headlight – minimalism and materialism. Google’s Material Design and Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ are also worth a mention.

But, these companies have hundreds of graphic design experts working tirelessly to bring about the best graphic experience possible. There’s no chance your company can achieve the same results, right? Wrong!

The basic great design principles are universal. The difference is, successful companies know how to execute these principles really well for their company-wide image, and have the money to pay for a thorough analysis in design trends.

However, if you think that paying an advertising or graphics firm to figure out the whole picture would be quite expensive, you’d do good to borrow some of the research ideas of great corporate minds. By this, we don’t mean stealing corporate data, but analyzing what they do and using it for your own purposes.


Let’s say that Material design is the new trend. You probably don’t have as many graphic designers as Google has, but you can see what they’ve done with your own eyes. After spending some time training, you’ll start to notice these designers’ clear lines, contrasted colors, tasteful minimalism, symmetry, playful distortions, etc. These are all things you can apply to your website, for instance.

Also, it pays to read reports on new design trends and their analysis. That way, you will learn to ‘outsource’ the analysis effort to other people, like graphic designers who write articles on their own to get page views.

Googling The next online design trends for 2016 should provide some valuable posts written by people that probably follow this subject more intently than you do. Cross-reading from several sources will give you a valuable overview even when certain authors opt to keep some of their knowledge to themselves.

Actually create the graphics for your site

After analyzing all those great and inspiring designs, it’s time to apply them creatively to your own graphics. Of course, you shouldn’t just choose ‘Save As’ on every picture the greats are using and slap it on your site. You have to create some pictures yourself.

As already mentioned, you can try mastering Photoshop, Illustrator and a plethora of other tools, spend months figuring out the basics, watch hundreds of online videos and waste thousands of hours until you create something that partially meets your needs. Meanwhile, your competition has gone global and is making millions in profits. In other words: you’re terribly late!

Fortunately, you can use Youzign to create all the graphics you need for your website or any online/offline material that requires a visual element. If you’ve figured out how you would like your website to look, you can head into the editor and choose to make a new design or start from a premade template. There are plenty of templates to choose from, and they are suited to specific purposes like eBooks, Facebook ads, flyers, business cards, headers, etc. And of course, you can save designs as templates yourself and reuse them in the future.


Should you choose to start from scratch, you’d be amazed by how many options Youzign offers. You will be presented with a menu on the left that lets you choose from various gorgeous backgrounds, professional and clean cliparts, icons, and more.

You need a comic drawing of a man? No problem, just head to the People category. Are you planning on holding a giveaway contest with tablets and phones? Just head to the Technology section and include whatever you find fancy. Or maybe you need a nice background fill for the entire website? Youzign has you covered yet again!

Of course, Youzign wouldn’t have been so powerful if you hadn’t been able to upload your own material and use it to create something special. Just head to the Uploads category and add that wonderful background or photo you’ve been storing for such an occasion.

Youzign has something for fans of WordPress, too: a unique plugin. Once you install it, you can directly copy content from Youzign to WordPress articles. With Youzign, it’s easier to add high quality graphical content to your WordPress site than ever before.

The options are limitless. Using Youzign, you can keep the design trend consistent across your website without the slightest need to become a Photoshop expert. Creating professional graphics for your site is remarkably easy and if you are the creative type, you can achieve very consistent and exceptional results.

Try Youzign today!


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