The Best Pricing Table Design Inspirations

Whether you are a graphic designer, a blogger, or a freelancer, chances are you have a product or a service to offer to your target groups and customers. If you’re marketing savvy, you probably understand the value of a good pricing table design. When done right, a pricing table will increase the conversions on your website and better promote your products.

Of course, it’s normal to strive to save money and time, so grabbing the first free template you see online sounds attractive. However, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Take the time to do your homework and compare different pricing table designs. Understand what makes them work, and find the best tool to create your own pricing table.

If you choose wisely (starting with a YouZign template, or a template of similar quality), not only will you save money and time, but will also increase conversions and improve the visibility of your product. All this will reflect positively on your business. There are plenty of services that offer templates for pricing tables, social media ads, banners, social media graphics and other materials. Some of these offer low-quality templates, and some offer decent templates.

However, none of them come close to the flexibility that Youzign offers you. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting yourself on Facebook, YouTube or Kindle… You just determine the platform and our software will make your life so much easier.

We let you create templates and preview your pricing table designs, so that you know what your final table will look like.

We acknowledge the fact that pricing tables are crucial for any company offering services or products; A good pricing table lures the customer towards the variety of plans available. A well made table clearly demonstrates the benefits and features of each plan. Each cell in the table is as important as any other. If you go overboard however, you risk losing customers. Before you jump in and download some inadequate table designs, look at the following examples and approaches for inspiration:

Shopify (classic design)

Even though Shopify have changed their pricing table since, they were originally known among designers for their colorful classic design (pictured below). This design was famous and served as inspiration to many. Let’s take a look at it and see what made it so great.

Shopify's pricing table

It uses a horizontal layout, which is best when you have a multitude of features in your plans. If you have relatively few features to differentiate your pricing plans, it’s probably more appropriate to go with a vertical layout.

Emphasis is another element that this design relies on and succeeds in utilizing to its advantage. If you have several plans to offer to your customers, you can make it easy for them to choose the right plan. As long as you emphasize the appropriate plan for your target customers (and not just blindly emphasize the most expensive plan), you can make your pricing table work for you. It will be useful to your customers and increase your profits.

This table a heavier design on its most expensive plans for getting the attention of potential customers. The cheapest one, on the other hand, is low-key and can be easily overlooked when compared to some other plans.


If you see something unusual in MailChimp’s pricing table design, don’t think that your eyes are playing tricks on you. MailChimp succeeds in something that other companies are afraid to even try: it attracts customers by catering to their emotions.

Each pricing plan has a visual symbol that represents the character of a potential customer. Why be the cute little lamb when you can be a gorgeous galloping horse or a mighty elephant? Even though it flatters customers, MailChimp does not include upfront pricing in its tables. It doesn’t even list the features included in each plan.

The only correct information you get is if you use the slider at the top. Slide past 2000 subscribers and it will simply remove the lowest-level plan (since its only for up to 2000 subs). Aside from this information, MailChimp’s unique “pricing table” offers no other concrete information. The plans are only differentiated on a symbolic level. This could prove to be ineffective in attracting a broad base of customers since they’ll have to do additional research on their own and dig deeper to find out about specific features.

Mail Chimp Pricing Table


Visual representations are one of Squarespace’s strongest features in its pricing table design. Just notice how the use of bold text shows you the benefits of the most expensive plan in comparison with the other two. Or, how the middle priced plan is dubbed as most popular since it’s the perfect choice for many customers; It’s not too expensive, but comes with many added benefits when compared to the cheapest plan.

Squarespace's pricing table


Create your own pricing table design with Youzign

Nowadays, a lot of people fancy themselves graphic designers if they know their way around Photoshop. However, design isn’t about knowing how graphics software works. It’s about knowing about visual aesthetics, proportion, choice of color, contrast, and many things that should be intuitive, but are not really. Unless you’re trained in design you should try to avoid the risk of embarrassing yourself with a DIY job.

We have created Youzign in order to help everyone who doesn’t have the time or resources to go through intensive and time-consuming training to learn the craft, but still wants to create an appropriate product.

Our pricing table designer is particularly effective in its acceptable learning curve, in comparison with software such as Photoshop. Do not assume that by going along this path, you are losing on quality. With our powerful and user-friendly software, you can create astounding graphic designs.

Take a look at some of the pricing table templates you can select from:

Here, at Youzign, we offer an incredible amount of templates to fit your every need. The templates are, simply put, gorgeous. The ones in the pictures above say more than enough about our attention to detail. The colors match nicely, while the fonts are beautiful and easily readable.

With our software, you can design and customize tables that will match your personal preferences. Don’t like the font? Choose an alternative one. Think you can come up with better headlines and subheadlines? Amazing! Try your ideas out and see which one fits best.

Changing the body text, playing with the colors and inserting icons on top of your pricing tables are just some of the other features that we, at Youzign, have included for you. Remember that you can even upload your own picture to go with the pricing table design.

And if this is not enough, you can choose from a host of options that embody the nature of your business and then add topical elements to your pricing table (e.g. technology, business, art, food and travel, etc). We can help you create the perfect pricing table for your business and accompany you on your journey to success.





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