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Beginner’s Guide To Video Lower Thirds


What is a Video Lower third?

Try to imagine watching documentaries, news or any sports show that has no text description or some sort of caption/ subtitle below the screen… totally puzzling and almost hard to follow right?

For this reason, lower thirds are added just below the lower third part of televisions or video screens (as the name implies). Lower thirds can be a mix of text and/or graphics overlaying the screen, purposefully added to give audiences a quick idea of who or what they see on their screens.

Lower thirds are widely used in television news and documentaries. They provide a quick introduction and promote longer retention of words read than merely said.

In video production nowadays, lower thirds play an essential part in reaching the audiences. Combined with cool and advanced graphic design, it makes the ideas a lot easier to present and convey among viewers.

How to create a Video Lowerthird in Youzign


Creating a video lower third in Youzign has never been easy! Here are quick steps that will help you crack professional – looking lower thirds without breaking the bank:

  1. Log in to your Youzign Dashboard and click New Design
  2. Select Video from the format pop-up menu


3.  You may start from a blank canvas, or by using one of our premade video lower third templates. (You can access the templates under the Graphics tab > Templates > Video)


Either way, we strongly recommend uploading a still image of your video so you can match the theme of your lower third design to the actual video.

When you’re done, you can download your lower third overlay with a transparent background by removing the still image then, setting the background to transparent:




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